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30th AG Crest

30th Adjutant General Battalion

Centurions... Meeting the Challenge!

30th AG Crest


Mission: 30th AG Battalion (Reception) initiates the transformation of civilian volunteers in order to prepare them for their development into disciplined, competent, professional, well-trained Soldiers who are prepared to become valued members of the Profession of Arms.

Vision: The 30th AG Reception Battalion remains a professional, cohesive team of Soldiers and Army Civilians dedicated to initiating the transformation of our Nation’s Sons and Daughters into our Army’s newest Soldiers while taking care of our Cadre and their Families.


30th AG Crest

The 30th Adjutant General Battalion was constituted on 1 November 1942 in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 30th Replacement Battalion. The 30th Replacement Battalion was activated on 10 December 1942 at New Orleans, Louisiana. Officer and enlisted cadre arrived on 28 December and trained until April 1943. The 30th Replacement Battalion then operated as a replacement unit in Algeria in June 1943. Its first mission was the processing of returnees from hospitals to units and the handling of combat replacements. The Battalion relocated to Tunisia where it began its true mission. The average Replacement strength was approximately 2,400. In March 1944, the Battalion moved to Naples, Italy. Its main mission between October 1944 and March 1945 was the handling of rotation personnel.

The Battalion was inactivated on 1 December 1945. The Battalion was reactivated on 25 April 1963 at Fort Benning, Georgia, to receive, process, and ship Soldiers to Initial Entry Training. The Battalion was re-designated as the 30th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) on 28 August 1987 and activated as part of the United States Army Infantry Training Center, Fort Benning, Georgia.

Today, the 30th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) is one of four active Reception Battalions in the United States Army and is the only location that receives and trains personnel for both Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Infantry/Armor One Station Unit Training (OSUT). With a projected annual rate of 35,000 Soldiers or more, the battalion supports the 194th Armored Brigade, and the 198th Infantry Brigade with newly arrived personnel making the transition from Civilian to Soldier during a five to eleven day stay in the Battalion before being shipped to their respective training brigades. As a result of the BRAC realignment, the U.S. Army Armor School was moved to Fort Benning and 192d Infantry Brigade was realigned from the U.S. Army Infantry School to the U.S. Army Armor School which completed the transformation of Fort Benning from the U.S. Army Infantry Center to the Maneuver Center of Excellence, effective 1 October 2010. Since being activated on 28 August 1987, the Battalion has received, processed, and shipped to training hundreds of thousands new Soldiers.

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Phone Roster

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Duty Position Phone
Battalion Staff Duty
Email Staff Duty
Battalion Commander 706-544-8248
Battalion CSM 706-544-8292
Battalion XO 706-544-9725
Battalion Chaplain 706-544-8294
Battalion Chaplain's Asst. 706-544-9432
Battalion S1 OIC 706-544-8261
Battalion S1 NCOIC 706-544-8251
Battalion S3 OIC 706-544-8851
Battalion S3 NCOIC 706-544-8644
Battalion S4 OIC 706-544-8265
Battalion S4 NCOIC 706-544-8264
HHC Company Commander 706-626-2934
HHC Company 1SG 706-626-2920
Alpha Company Commander 706-544-8256
Alpha Company 1SG 706-544-9785
Bravo Company Commander 706-544-9741
Bravo Company 1SG 706-626-8079
Charlie Company Commander 706-626-8070
Charlie Company 1SG 706-626-8072
Delta Company Commander 706-544-0672
Delta Company 1SG 706-626-1161
Fitness Training Company Commander 706-626-4706
Fitness Training Company 1SG 706-626-4705
Reception Transition Unit Company Commander 706-544-9260
Reception Transition Unit Company 1SG 706-544-9406

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