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Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA)

Course Scope

Provide doctrinal base realistic training to SFA Advisors in the role of train, advise, assist.  To engage in security cooperation planning and assessment considerations: including theater campaign and campaign support planning; Mission analysis; Host Nation support; Multi-nation support; sustainment; country and country support plans and country assessments.

Course Purpose

To support Host Nation security by diminishing regional tension, enhancing the security of the Host Nation, in order to provide security cooperation vital to support U.S. Interests.


  • Doctrinal training in support of SFA.
  • Demonstrate Cultural Awareness.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Host Nation Interactions.
  • Demonstrate use of Information Operations.
  • Understanding utilization of Interpreters.
  • Demonstrate skills in Training Deployment.
  • Knowledge and skills of an Advisor Participating in Operations.

Target Audience

Select SSG, SFC through Col, in the regular and reserve ARMY. Selected Soldiers will have displayed: Tolerance for Ambiguity; Realistic goal and task setting; Open-mindedness; Ability to withhold judgement; Empathy; Communicativeness; Flexibility; Curiosity;  Warmth in human relations; Motivation of self and others; Self-reliance; Strong sense of self; Tolerance for differences; Perceptiveness; Ability to accept and learn from failure; Sense of humor; and Patience.