Armor Journal

Free Distribution Unit Copies

If you need to update the address for your free distribution copy of the magazine or want to send a request for your unit to be added to the free distribution list, click here. Free distribution copies are for units only.

Free distribution is limited to one copy for each armored brigade headquarters, armored cavalry regiment headquarters, armor battalion headquarters, armored cavalry squadron headquarters, reconnaissance squadron headquarters, armored cavalry troop, armor company, and motorized brigade headquarters of the United States Army. In addition, Army libraries, Army and DOD schools, HQDA and MACOM staff agencies with responsibility for armored, direct fire, ground combat systems, organizations, and the training of personnel for such organizations may request two copies by sending a request to the editor-in-chief.


Beginning with the July-August 2009 edition, subscriptions to ARMOR will be available through the Government Printing Office bookstore at