MG Miller

Commanding General’s Columbus Day Safety Message

This weekend, we remember the voyage of Christopher Columbus from Europe to the Americas. When Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic, he demonstrated remarkable imagination, courage and perseverance—qualities Americans demonstrate today.

I hope you will have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends this weekend. If you are planning to travel, keep safety in mind and manage risk. Be on the lookout for increased traffic, aggressive drivers, and changing weather conditions. Accident prevention is everyone's responsibility. Soldiers traveling outside the Chattahoochee Valley area must complete a Travel Risk Planning System report at

Take these steps for a safe and enjoyable weekend:

As you enjoy your time off, please take a moment to remember our fellow Soldiers who are serving around the world, especially those engaged in the fight in Afghanistan.

One Force, One Fight!

Major General Scott Miller
MCoE Commanding General

MCoE 2015 Campaign Plan

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