SC 071, course 2E-F206/010-ASIB8, HEAVY WEAPONS LEADERS Course

Mission Statement

Heavy Weapons Leaders Course trains Leaders via both resident and Mobile Training Teams (MTT); producing Leaders that are fully qualified, motivated, agile, adaptive and have been equipped with the best tactical and technical knowledge to employ heavy weapons in support of Unified Land Operations. Upon successful completion, enlisted personnel in the MOS's of 11B, 19D and 18 series will be awarded the additional skill identifier of B8.

Outcomes Based Training and Evaluation

Develop versatile and adaptive Leaders armed with the required skill sets to:

  • Demonstrate ability to operate, employ and maintain all missile systems organic to a Heavy Weapons unit (Javelin, M41 ITAS)
  • Apply Machine Gun theory fundamentals when employing all machine unique to a Heavy Weapons Unit (Techniques of fire, engagement procedures, fighting position selection)
  • Demonstrate understanding of a Heavy Weapons Unit tactical employment from the section to Company level (Offensive/Defensive Section/Platoon/company)
  • Combine all course knowledge to plan and employ standards Heavy Weapons Platoon (Troop leading procedures)
Course Overview
  • The Heavy Weapons Leaders Course is currently a ten day course.
  • Within the first week, the focused concentration will be on the technical aspects of both the M41 and M98A2 Javelin weapon Systems as well as the technical information of the Weapons Systems.
  • The second week focus will be on the tactical employment of the weapon systems to include Machine Gun Theory, Training Strategy.
Packing List

HWLC Student Packing List: Winter Packing List (October through April):

4 x Sets of ACU; 6 x Tan T-shirts, 6 x Underwear; 6 x Pair Socks, Gore-Tex Jacket, 1 x ACU Cap(with name tag), 1 x Beret, 1 x Long Set Underwear, 2 x Pair Tan Boots,2 Short Sleeve PT Shirts, 2 PT Shorts, 7 Pair above Ankle White Socks, 1 Long Sleeve PT Shirt, 1 Winter PT Jacket, 1 Winter PT Pants, PT Shoes, Grey Fleece Cap, Black PT Gloves, PT Reflective Belt, Pad, Paper, Black Ink Pens, Pencils, Earplugs, Flash Light, Alarm clock and Personal Hygiene Items.

OCIE to include:
Parka wet-weather, Trouser wet-weather, Advance Combat Helmet w/ cover, Front Load Carrier Rifleman, Canteen (1 QT), Water Canteen Cup, Body Armor (OTV), Type V-S (ESAPI) Eye Pro, Ear Pro, Gloves(Army Standard).

Summer Packing List (May through September):

4 x Sets of ACU, 6 x Tan T-shirts, 6 x Underwear, 6 x Pair Socks, 1 x ACU Cap, 1 x Beret, 2 x Pair Tan Boots, 2 Short Sleeve PT Shirts, 2 PT Shorts, 7 Pair above Ankle White Socks, 1 Long Sleeve PT Shirt, and PT Shoes, PT Reflective Belt, Pad, Paper, Black Pens, Pencils, Earplugs, Flash Light, Alarm clock, and Personal hygiene items.

OCIE same as above.

Reporting Instructions

Reporting Instructions for all students:

Non-resident students will report to Olsen Hall in ACUs with pen and paper on day one of training.

Resident students will report in front of BLDG 5145 "Patton Hall" Room 112 on Harmony Church, Fort Benning, GA 31905 NLT 0700 hrs on day one of training.

In processing: Commanders Memo signed (contained in read Ahead Packet Below) 2 x copies of orders w/ amendments; travel orders, and a valid ID card.

Read Ahead Packet (AKO/CAC Authentication Required)

Note: Final day of training is a full training day; Return flights will not be scheduled before 1800 from CSG or 2000 ATL

Contact Us

706-626-8436 (master trainer)
706-626-7903 (Dco 1-29 IN Operations)

BLDG 5145 "Patton Hall" RM 112
Fort Benning, GA 31905

HWLC Facebook Page

Study Material
  • Any FM/TM/TC that covers any of the following Weapons; M41 ITAS, M98A2 JAVELIN, M2A1 .50 CAL MG, MK19 MG
  • ROC-V "Recognition of Combat Vehicles"
    Request this product through the following Email:

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