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July 16-20, 2018

Four courses in session with 148 students from 11 countries.

** Interagency Crisis Action Planning and Small Unit Leader courses begin this week.**

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(25 students) studies employment of combat vehicles, Air Support, Air Attack Operations, Current Operational Environment for the Opposing Force (OPFOR), Fire Support planning, Engineer support planning, and other offensive combat operations; conducts a Tactical Decision Exercise and offense tactical scenarios at Clarke Simulation Center.

Command & General Staff Officer Course, Class of 2018-2019
(59 students) studies Cultural Awareness, Critical and Creative Thinking, Human Rights in Military Missions, Legal Use of Lethal and non-Lethal Force, Effective Writing, Effective Communications and the Legal System of the U.S.

Interagency Crisis Action Planning Course
(28 students) began classes on July 17 with Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Rape, the Operational Environment, Armed Forces & Democracy, Human Rights Awareness, Ethics, and Civil Affairs History, Heritage, Organization and Structure.

Small Unit Leader Course
(36 students) began classes on July 17 with an orientation to the course and to WHINSEC, a Physical Fitness training class, Introduction to Ethics, Armed Forces & Democracy, Human Rights, Risk Management, Evaluations of Subordinates, and Written Communications.