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ARMOR July-September 2014

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How Garryowen and the Standard Scout Platoon Equal Effective Recon
by LTC Jason Miseli, MAJ Gregory McLean and CPT Dirk Van Ingen

The All-Bradley Scout Platoon at National Training Center Rotation 14-04
by CPT Robert Bove, CPT Michael Kaness and CPT Jonathan Page

Sustaining the Standard Scout Platoon
by MAJ Bob Underwood and CPT William Turner

Intelligence Support to a Cavalry Squadron
by LTC Jason A. Miseli, MAJ Gregory W. McLean and CPT Jeremy Bovan

Too Light to Fight: the IBCT Cavalry Troop in Combined-Arms Maneuver
by MAJ Charles G. Bies

What Our Army Needs is a True Aero Scout
by COL William T. Nuckols Jr. and Peter W. Rose II

Platform Immaterial: Reconnaissance Challenges in a Decisive-Action Training Environment
by CPT Jaison D. Desai

Observations from the Opposing Force Part II: Movement-to-Contact Lessons-Learned from National Training Center Rotation 12-05
by CPT Amos C. Fox

Not Just Infantry with Tanks: Who We Should Be and Why the Army Needs Us to Be It
by CPT Thomas Spolizino

The Next Combat Vehicle – New Horizons
by retired USMC LTC Robert Lamont

The Bastogne Fusion Process: a Commander-Centric Approach to Planning and Decision-Making
by LTC Scott Sentell and LTC Phil Kiniery

The Stability Corps: Organizational Change for Full-Spectrum Capability
by CPT Eli Feret


Commandant’s Hatch: Cavalry Update
by BG Lee Quintas

Gunner’s Seat: Manning, Equipping and Resourcing Cavalry Organizations
by CSM Michael Clemens

From the Boresight Line: Flareouts
by William D. Darnell

From the Boresight Line associated article: M256, 120mm Abrams Main Gun Flareout
by Zachary Jablonka and Wakeland K. Kuamoo

Flareout Checklist
by Zachary Jablonka and Wakeland K. Kuamoo

From the Screen Line: Cavalry Scouts in the Army of 2020
by LTC Anthony E. Lowry and Peter W. Rose II

Book Review: Tuskers: an Armor Battalion in the Gulf War
by Ronald T. Staver

Battle Analysis: Cavalry Battle at Sailor’s Creek
by CPT Derrick Jerke

Saddles and Sabers: Learning the Long-Distance Raid: Comanche, Rangers and 2nd U.S. Cavalry on the Texas Frontier
by CPT Nathan Jennings

What's Your Next Move" tactical vignette: "Battle of Narrow Bridge" author solutions
by LTC Scott O'Neal

Featured unit: 9th Cavalry Regiment