R&S imperatives

Army R&S forces must be able to:

  • Conduct operations consistent with the fundamentals of R&S.
  • Develop the situation rapidly in close contact with the enemy and civilian populations.
  • Conduct stealthy reconnaissance and fight for information dependent on the mission.
  • Employ appropriate combinations of mounted and dismounted reconnaissance techniques.
  • Conduct combined-arms air-ground operations to fight for information, evaluate that information and answer priority information requirements.
  • Provide early and accurate warning of enemy operations to provide time and maneuver space to react to enemy operations.
  • Protect the force from surprise and develop the situation to provide the commander with the options to employ the force effectively.
  • Integrate joint capabilities as divisions, corps and joint task forces transition to the close fight.
  • Conduct R&S over wide areas.
  • Operate effectively in multinational environments and integrate indigenous forces.