Sustainment Portal Provides Relevant Tool to Improve Readiness

Commanders now have a new resource to help improve readiness. The Sustainment Unit One-Stop (SUOS) portal is a “one stop shop,” designed to provide commanders and staffs current supply, maintenance, ammunition, explosive ordnance, transportation, human resources and finance collective training and lessons-learned products.

The SUOS portal supports the sustainment warfighting function, which in turn supports the Army’s ability to successfully achieve its core competencies of combined-arms maneuver and wide-area security. The sustainment warfighting function consists of logistics, personnel services and health-service support. The sustainment warfighting function provides capabilities that ensure land forces have the freedom of action, operational reach and prolonged endurance required to prevent conflict, shape the operational environment and win our nation’s wars.1

The application of sustainment as a component of strategic landpower is guided by doctrine, lessons-learned and other relevant resources. SUOS provides current sustainment-related references for commanders and staffs to use when planning operations.2

SUOS is sponsored by the Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM), which is responsible for training, educating and growing adaptive sustainment professionals; and developing and integrating innovative Army and joint sustainment capabilities, concepts and doctrine to enable unified land operations.3 SUOS is an excellent resource for sustainment references and streamlines the collective training, doctrine and lessons-learned products into five categories (operational units, training, multifunctional units, functional units and other units).

The Common Access Card-protected portal is an official U.S. Army Website that provides contact information for collaboration with CASCOM proponents. The portal can be accessed at or by typing Sustainment Unit One Stop Portal into any unclassified search engine.


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