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Making Reconnaissance Guidance Say What You Think
by CPT Luke Bowers

The Role of Reconnaissance Forces in the Counterattack
by LTC Scott Pence

Looking Toward the Future: the U.S. Cavalry’s Role in Multi-Domain Battle
by MAJ Amos C. Fox

Trends in Defensive Operations
by COL Esli Pitts

Tough Vehicles Require Tougher Crews: Why We Must Re-establish a 'Gunnery Culture' ... and How to Do It
by SSG David D. Lunebach and SSG Sean M. Leytham

The Battle of Debal’tseve: the Conventional Line of Effort In Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine
by MAJ Amos C. Fox

TRADOC Big 6+1 Capabilities
by LTC Corey B. Chasse

Enhancing Shared Understanding within the Brigade’s Operations Process
by MAJ Rich Groen

Applied Combined-Arms Maneuver at Company Level
by 1LT James Casey

Saving Future Gallons: Overview of New Field Manual 7-0
by James L. Young Jr.


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Reconnaissance and Security Proficiency
by BG John S. Kolasheski

Gunner’s Seat: Reconnaissance and Security, the Gainey Cup
by CSM Alan Hummel

Battle Analysis: Crusader and Gazala: Why a Cohesive Hierarchy Matters
by MAJ Thomas A. Rebuck

Book Reviews: Scouts in Contact: Tactical Vignettes for Cavalry Leaders by CPT Joshua T. Christian; Ramadi Declassified by LTC Chris Heatherly

Featured unit: 15th Cavalry Regiment

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In Memoriam: LTG Harold G. "Hal" Moore
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Armor and Cavalry Leadership Award Winners

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