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ARMOR October-December 2013

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Capstone: Strategic Landpower for the Company Commander
by GEN Robert W. Cone and CPT Jon D. Mohundro

Armored Reconnaissance Squadron in Decisive Action: Forging Cavalry for the Armored Brigade Combat Team
by LTC Geoffrey A. Norman

Maneuver-Owned Logistics: Re-emergence of the Support-Platoon Concept in Stryker Maneuver Battalions
by CPT Andrew N. Gregory

The Role and Responsibility of the Command Sergeant Major within the Armor Brigade Combat Team in the Sustainment Warfighting Function
by CSM Jason A. Runnels

Checks Unbalanced: A Doctrinal and Practical Solution to the Army’s Pre-Combat Checks and Pre-Combat Inspections Problem
by CPT Bobbie L. Ragsdale III, CPT Eric J. Dixon and SFC Jason B. Miera

Command-Post Layout and Service-Design Thinking
by MAJ Richard Z. Groen

A Tool for Achieving Regional Understanding at the Company/Platoon Level
by MAJ Adam R. Brady, MAJ Dustin A. Menhart and MAJ Russell B. Thomas

Strategic Stones and the Path Ahead
by retired U.S. Marine Corps LTC Robert W. Lamont

Partnership at Platoon Level: Experiences from Afghanistan
by 1LT Raphael Moyer

Ideas on Cavalry
by CPT Joshua T. Suthoff and CPT Michael J. Culler

People Will Be What They Can See: a Case Study in Leadership
by LTC Joseph Kopser and CPT Allen M. Trujillo

Reconnaissance Training: a Time for Innovation
by CPT Amos C. Fox

Sustaining the Warrior Spirit in a Post-Conflict Army
by MAJ Russell Nowels




Commandant’s Hatch
by COL Lee Quintas, Commandant, U.S. Army Armor School

Gunner’s Seat
by CSM Michael Clemens, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Armor School

Shoulder-sleeve Insignia: 7th Cavalry Regiment