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Sullivan Cup Overview


The 51st Chief of Armor cordially invites your organization to participate in the 2018 Sullivan Cup Precision Gunnery Competition hosted by the Maneuver Center of Excellence. The event is scheduled to be conducted from 30 April - 04 May 2018 at Fort Benning, Georgia (FBGA). Competitors will be expected to arrive on 23 April 2018 in order to provide competitors with additional time for acclimatization, vehicle familiarization, and initial testing. The competition will be a physically and mentally demanding world-class event that rigorously tests US Army Tankers, US Marines, and International Partners in tank crew maneuver, sustainment, and gunnery skills.


Each Active Component Army Division is invited to send one (1) tank crew from every Armored Brigade Combat Team in its organization to compete in the Sullivan Cup. The 11th ACR is invited to send one (1) crew. Additionally, the Army National Guard (ARNG) is permitted to send crews from four (4) Armored Brigade Combat Teams to compete. The United States Marine Corps is invited to send one (1) crew to compete. Two (2) crews from each selected International Partner are also invited to attend the competition. The selected International Partners are Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Kuwait and Germany. Teams will consist of qualified, Battle Roster tank crews currently holding Tank Commander, Gunner, Driver, and Loader responsibilities within their respective organizations. Tank Commanders will be either 19K30/40 or 19A personnel.


Fort Benning, GA.


Dates: 30 April - 04 May 2018.


Sequence of events: The Sullivan Cup will encompass five (5) days. Crews will be evaluated on physical fitness, problem solving, and tactical and precision gunnery skills to identify the top tank crew. U.S. Army Tactics, Techniques and Procedures are used as the foundational reference to ensure the competition is conducted with the highest of standards.

Day-7 to Day-4: “Crew Preparation and Vehicle Familiarization”
Arrival, check-in procedures, crew tank preparation in Harmony Church motor-pool, Accuracy in Armament Checks, Plumb & Sync, initial movements to DMPRC, M4 zero, DMPRC Range Orientation.

Day-3 to Day+0: “Initial Sequencing Events and Opening Ceremony”
GST Testing, AGTS, LFAST, modified Tank Table IV, Call for Fire, Written Exam, Physical Event, “Tanks in Action” Demonstration, and Opening Ceremony

Day+1: “Stress Shoot and CCTT Competition”
Stress Shoot (M4 and M9), CCTT Tank maneuver competition.

Day+2 to Day+3: “Tank Crew STX”
Tank Crew STX Event is designed to test the proficiency of the crew as it pertains to mounted maneuver and mastery of tank crew fundamentals.

Day+2 to Day+3: “Crew LFX”
During the Crew LFX Event, Crews will complete a scenario on DMPRC and are evaluated on their ability to Shoot, Move and Communicate effectively in both an offensive and defensive posture.

Engagements will be graded off of TC 3-20.31

Day+4 “Final Charge”
Crews will complete a physical and technical event to culminate the competition.

References for these events are:

  • TC 17-15-8 (Armor Crewman Physical Proficiency Test (1974)
  • 19K10 Individual Critical Task List
  • 19K20 Individual Critical Task List
  • 19K30 Individual Critical Task List
  • 19K40 Individual Critical Task List
  • TC 3-20.31 (Training and Qualification Crew)
  • TC 3-20.31-4 (DIDEA)
  • TC 3-20.0 (Integrated Weapons Training Strategy, Crew)
  • TC 3-20.21-1 (Individual and Crew Live Fire Prerequisite Testing)
  • TC 3-20.0 (Integrated Weapons Training Strategy)