Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain information about Airborne/Jumpmaster/Pathfinder graduations?

Graduations are held at Airborne Walk/ Eubanks Field, directly east of the 250' Towers on Main Post. In case of inclement weather during the week, graduation will be held on Fryar Drop Zone. The ceremony begins at 0900 (April-September) and 1100 (October-March) on the final Friday of the three week course. For any further questions, contact the Operations Section 1/507 PIR at (706) 545-6495 (DSN 835-6495) or 545-9994 (DSN 835-9994).


When should I report?

Soldiers reporting to Basic Airborne Training will report NLT 1200 hours on the ATRRS Report date. AG's should include the date and time to report on the student's orders to ensure the student has no question about the report date and time. AG's should refer to ATRRS for the correct date the student is to attend.

Soldiers reporting to Pathfinder will report NLT 0630 on Day 1 for In-Processing (typically a Monday). Soldiers reporting to Jumpmaster will report NLT 0545 on Day 1 for In-Processing (typically a Monday). The ATTRS report date is generally the day prior (typically a Sunday), although there are no requirements that day.

Students failing to arrive on time will NOT be authorized to enter the course.


Where do I report when I get to Fort Benning?

All students reporting to Basic Airborne Training will report to Building 2747, 1/507th Headquarters (Located at 7481 Riordon St. Ft. Benning, GA, 31905). Building 2747 is labeled "1/507th PIR Head Quarters." Building 2747 is open Monday - Friday, 24 hours a day to sign in students. Once signed in you will receive instructions on billeting, linen, etc.

Students reporting to Jumpmaster will report to Building 2769 and students reporting to Pathfinder will report to Building 2768. Jumpmaster/ Pathfinder buildings are 200 meters west of the Headquarters Building Please view the map located in the Inprocessing section of the applicable school’s website.


What paperwork should I report with?


Should I hand carry all these documents?

When traveling, you should always hand-carry your orders and important documents, in addition to a complete set of ACUs.


Where can I get more information about Airborne School?

Additional information concerning Airborne School is referenced in the following places:

Units should always verify the course schedule, pre-requisites, reporting dates, start dates and end dates with the ATTRS site. You can find ATTRS information for the Basic Airborne Course under “Class Dates” or “Incoming Student Information” for either Jumpmaster or Pathfinder School.


I am not assigned to Ft. Benning, what do I need to be able to be a Guest Jumper with 1-507th?

You must have a DA Form 4187 signed by the first O-6 in your change of command. It should state that you are on hazardous duty orders and that you are authorized to perform operations with 1-507th PIR. You also need a copy of your hazardous duty orders, as well as the last page of your jump log. Keep in mind that Guest Jumpers are not authorized to jump with students during the students' first jump. There are no guest jumpers allowed on Pathfinder and Jumpmaster jumps. Guest Jumper space is limited, and Guest Jumpers are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis, priority will go to jumpers in a pay loss/hurt status. On occasion, mission constraints may not allow for any guest jumpers, priority goes to the completion of BAC. All Guest Jumpers should report at 0800 the morning they plan on jumping to Building 2767 (Operations). Point of Contact is 1/507 S-3 Air, (706) 545-1868, DSN 835-1868 If you are currently on jump status:


I am qualified Parachutist but not on hazardous duty orders and would like to be a Guest Jumper with 1-507 PIR?

You must be on hazardous duty orders in order to be guest jumper. If assigned to Ft. Benning you may apply for Permissive Jump Status. Refer to MCoE Regulation 350-3 for requirements and procedures.

The Army regulations that deal with permissive jump status are AR 614-200 and AR 350-1.


I am a current and qualified Jumpmaster, and would like to perform duties with 1-507th?

According to MCoE Regulation 350-3, only 1-507th Cadre are authorized to perform Jumpmaster/Safety duties within 1-507th PIR.


How do I go about "walking on" to Jumpmaster/Pathfinder/Airborne School?

There are no "walk on" permitted. In order to attend these schools you must have a valid ATRRS reserved slot. These are obtained from your unit schools NCO. In the event of a "no show" that slot is filled with an ATRRS wait slot.


I am a graduate of Airborne/Jumpmaster/Pathfinder Schools, but have lost my diploma, where can I get another?

To obtain duplicate diplomas before the year 2000 please contact Academic Records at once email has been received Academic Records will contact you with what information is needed. For duplicate diplomas or orders after the year 2000, contact Airborne Student accountability at (706) 545-4874


I am qualified Parachutist can Fort Benning place me on permissive jump orders?

NO, Fort Benning cannot place any soldier not assigned to the MCoE on permissive jump Status.


What should a Soldier do to recreate a Jump Log?

Refer to AR 600-8-22 and have your unit recreate your Jump Log.