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Military Police Investigations

Building 80


COMM# (706) 545-1326

MP Badge

You can contact the Military Police Investigations Section weekdays from 9am to 5pm at (706) 545-1326 or After hours you can contact the Military Police desk at (706) 545-5222/5223/5224

Military Police Investigations Duties

  • Investigate crimes, incidents, and complaints
  • Process crime scenes
  • Conduct surveillance operations
  • Liaison to Social Work Services
  • Liaison to CID, Local Law enforcement and SJA
  • Juvenile/gang investigations
  • Evidence/Contraband Collection and Storage

Lost and Found

The collection, storage and processing of evidence is one program that is absolutely of errors. Every year hundreds of items of evidence are processed through the evidence room, many requiring transfer to the Crime Lab located at Fort Gillem, Georgia. There is a mountain of paperwork to be maintained in order to achieve the flawless accountability required by law. Evidence Contraband Collection investigators can be contacted at (706) 545-1326.

Abandoned/Found Property

Found property can be reported to the military Police Desk Sergeant by phone or turned in directly to the MP Station, Building 214. The Desk Sergeant will issue a property receipt to the person turning in the item. The property will be placed into the found property room while the Property Custodian attempts to locate the owner. If the owner can't be found, the property is disposed of in accordance with Army Regulations and DOD Directives.

Crime Stoppers

Fort Benning Provost Marshal request your assistance in solving crimes at Fort Benning. If you have any information about any crime, contact Crime Stoppers at (706) 545-1326.

Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board

Make a complaint on unfair business practices to 545-1326.