Personnel Services

Welcome to the MPD's ID Card Section!
ID Card

We are pleased to provide quality customer services to the best Soldiers, retirees, family members, and government civilian and contractors in the world. This military personnel service function involves processing eligibility entitlements through DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) and ID Cards/ CAC cards for Soldiers, retirees, their family members, civilian employees and some contractors.

Where do I go on Fort Benning to get an ID Card?

The ID Card center is located in Soldier’s Plaza off of Dixie Road. They are located in building 2638. Hours of operation are from 0800-1640, Monday through Friday. Please note that in order to get an ID Card, an appointment is necessary. For an appointment, you can call (706) 545-4068/ 9085, or you can go online to: to schedule your own.

I lost my ID card! Help!

To replace your ID card, it is necessary to make an appointment; there are limited same day appointments available. For an appointment, you can call (706) 545-4068/ 9085, or you can go online to: to schedule your own. When you come, you must bring the following documents:

  • 2 forms of ID (one must be a picture ID, local state or government agency, i.e. driver’s license, old ID Card, school ID, etc.)
  • Police report, if attainable
  • Memorandum
    • Military (all ranks) – Memorandum/ Counseling from Commander or 1SG
    • Civilian – Memorandum from CPAC
    • Contractor – Memorandum from Trusted Agent
    • Family Member – Statement from sponsor (forms available in DEERS office)
    • Retirees – Signed statement from sponsor (forms available in DEERS office)
How do I make an appointment?

The Fort Benning ID Card Section operates on an appointment only system. For an appointment, you can call (706) 545-4068/ 9085 or you can go online to: to schedule your own. There are limited same day appointments available.

What do I need to bring for my Common Access Card (CAC) appointment?

Picture Id's: Must have two; one must be from a local state or government agency

Must have valid AKO accounts

Civilian employees must be entered into the RAPIDS system by CPAC

Contract employees must be entered into the TASS system by trusted agent

Do not wear dark colored shirts or tops if you are going to be issued a CAC. Dark colors blend into the birth date section on the back of the card making the birth date illegible.

What do I need to bring for initial DEERS enrollment?

In order to initiate initial DEERS enrollment, you will need the following:

  • 2 forms of ID (one must be a picture ID, local state or government agency, i.e. driver’s license, old ID Card, school ID, etc.)
  • Social Security card or letter from the Social Security Administration
  • Marriage and/ or birth certificate (must be original document with seal intact or certified copy with seal; birth certificate can be a confirmation of birth letter from the hospital for newborns)
  • Sponsor or Power of Attorneys if sponsor is not available (Power of Attorney must be original with raised seal; Special POA must specify for DEERS enrollment/ update and ID Card issuance)
  • Divorce decree signed by the judge with legible file numbers
  • Adding Stepchildren --- original marriage certificate (even if the mother is enrolled in DEERS), original birth certificate, and original social security card or letter from Social Security Administration Office
My card is about to expire. How soon can I come in?

ID cards can be renewed 90 days prior to the expiration of a valid ID Card. For an appointment, you can call (706) 545-4068/ 9085, or you can go online to: to schedule your own. There are limited same day appointments available.

Forgot/ locked my CAC pin number. What do I do?

If you have forgot/ locked out your CAC PIN, please report to NEC located at Building 89, 6761, Vibbert Avenue. Their hours of operation are 0700-1800, Monday through Friday and 0800-1600, Saturday through Sunday.

What do I need to bring for Retiree/Family member appointment?

The following are the items that you will need when a Retiree/ Family member comes in for an appointment:

  • 2 forms of ID (one must be a picture ID, local state or government agency, i.e. driver’s license, old ID Card, school ID, etc.)
  • Sponsor or Power of Attorneys if sponsor is not available (Power of Attorney must be original with raised seal; Special POA must specify for DEERS enrollment/ update and ID Card issuance)
I just moved here. How does it affect my DEERS?

If you need to update your address in DEERS, you can be accomplish that by going to the following website (if typing in address, do not forget the “s” in the http portion of the website or you will not be able to reach the site): or you can email address changes (including address changes for geographically separated family members) to the DEERS data base. The email address for DEERS is: ; Your email should include the following information:

  • Sponsor’s name and Social Security Number
  • The address change you want to make
  • Names of other family member affected by the address change
  • Effective date of the new address information
  • Telephone number and area code (if available)
I got a new CAC card and my saved encrypted email won’t open

To recover encryption key(s) to allow opening of old encrypted emails click on the following link:

Using DEERS Self-Service portal for updating Dependant information and DD Form 1172-2 for Family ID Cards

The Self-service portal allows Soldiers, reservists and Retirees with Defense Department's common access card (CAC) to apply for family IDs, retirement cards or update dependents' statuses online. The RAPIDS website, allows CAC holder to call up the listing of their dependents; fill out and digitally sign DD Form 1172-2 for their family members to receive an ID card.

Family members must be verified in DEERS in order to use RSS. For example newly married Soldiers and newborns must be enrolled in DEERS for them to be available for update in RSS. These situation still require the presence of the Sponsor; after the initial enroll the Soldier will be able to use RSS.

After making an appointment at the website the family member can take the digitally signed form to the DEERS Section Bldg 2638 Soldier’s Plaza. The Sponsor does not have to be present if the family member has the digitally signed DD Form 1172-2.

ID CardThe In/Outprocessing center focuses on the installation clearance procedures and individual Soldier readiness verification. The various installation agencies needed to welcome and depart permanent party Soldiers and their families from Fort Benning are organized by this area. Initial installation sign-in support is located at Building 2607, (706) 545-3608. Their hours are 0530-1700 Monday –Friday. They are closed on weekends, Training and Federal Holidays. In/outprocessing and replacement operations functions include use of an automated support system for installation processing and appointments, initial installation sign-in, processing Soldiers with installation agencies to initiate/terminate services, and installation clearance approval. Additional processing is completed by Unit commanders after installation inprocessing and prior to installation outprocessing.

Do I have to have an outprocessing appointment to clear the installation?

Yes, it is necessary to have an appointment to clear the installation.

What are the procedures for getting an appointment?

To request an out processing appointment contact your Unit S1 or Brigade S1; they will tell you what documents are needed to begin the process. Your S1 will forward your documents to the In/Out Processing Office. Once the documents are received by the In/out Processing Office; an Installation Clearing Schedule will be forwarded to the S1 via email with the appointment dates and times to begin your outprocessing.

What documentation is needed to make a clearing appointment?

To get an outprocessing appointment, provide your S1 with the following documents:

  • If Chaptering, ETS’ing, or Retiring: Orders/ with amendments if applicable, DA Form 31 (Leave Form) if applicable, and a copy of DA Form 2648 (ACAP Checklist).
  • If PCSing, Stateside documents needed are: Orders/with amendments if applicable, DA Form 31 (Leave Form) if applicable.
  • If PCSing Overseas, documents needed are: Orders/with amendments if applicable, DA Form 31 (Leave Form), Port Call Information, and DA Form 4036-R (Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement Form).
  • Soldiers on orders to Task Force Sinai are required to have an official US Passport with Egyptian visa. Clearance papers will not be issued until they have received their passport/visa.

Your S1 will email these documents to include a copy of DA Form 137-1 (Unit Clearance Papers) to the In/Out Processing Office. For those Soldiers going to Task Force Sinai, provide proof of US Passport with Egyptian visa. Once the documents are received by the In/Out Processing Office; an Installation Clearing Schedule will be forwarded to the S1 via email with the appointment dates and times to begin your outprocessing.

Where do I go on Fort Benning to pick up installation clearing papers?

For Soldiers assigned to Fort Benning installation clearing papers can be picked up from your unit S1; all others report to the outprocessing office located in building 2622 of Soldier’s Plaza, off Dixie Road. The hours of operation are 0800-1600, Monday–Friday. An appointment is necessary to pick up clearing papers.

How Many Days Do I get to clear the installation?

Your unit can grant you a minimum of 3 days up to 10 days prior to your leave date in order to clear

What work centers do I have to attend in order to in process the installation?

The following Workcenters are required; they must be cleared to inprocessing: MEDPROS, Occupational Health, TRICARE, Dental, Housing (if applicable), Finance/Travel, Financial Readiness (if Ft. Benning is your first duty station), NewComers Orientation, Child and Youth Services (if applicable), Government Travel Card (if applicable), Sponsorship and Resiliency Training.

How long does it take to in process into the installation?

On average, inprocessing can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days depending on your needs.

When will I get my orders assigning me to my new unit?

After completing inprocessing to the installation, you will receive your orders.

Where do I sign in from PCS leave?

The Replacement Center is located in Building 2607, 7240 Linskey Avenue which is in Soldier’s Plaza, located off Dixie Road. It is open 0530-1700 Monday –Friday. It’s closed on weekends, Training and Federal Holidays. You can contact the Replacement Center at (706) 545-4577 or 3608.

After hours report to Bldg 2819, 6620, Ashley Avenue. The telephone number is (706) 545-6688

How do I get to the Replacement Center?

Depending on the starting point, there are several checkpoints to get onto post. In order to get on post, the installation is operating on a 100% ID check system when entering the gates. The following are various ways to enter post and directions to get to the Replacement Center from that access point:

Interstate 185 South- Access Point

Take I-185 South to the Fort Benning Main Gate. After clearing the access point, continue on that road for approximately 4.5 miles. At the first traffic light, turn left at Collins Loop into Soldier’s Plaza. Parking is immediately on the left in the large parking lot. Building 2607 is the first one story building sitting on the corner across from the parking lot.

280 East (Victory Drive) Lumpkin Road Access Point

On Victory Drive, 2 miles beyond S Lumpkin Road will be Lumpkin road. There will be signs for Ft Benning as you approach Lumpkin Road. Bear to the right onto Lumpkin Road and continue for 3 miles. The Infantry Museum will be on the right. Continue to the access point. After you have entered post, continue on that road approximately 1.3 miles. At the top of the hill, bear to the right. Take the next left by Doughboy stadium (large white structure) onto Ingersoll Street. Continue straight until Ingersoll ends. Turn left onto Dixie Road. At the third traffic light, turn rightat Collins Loop into Soldier’s Plaza. Parking is immediately on the left in the large parking lot. Building 2607 is the first one story building sitting on the corner across from the parking lot.

Do I have to be in uniform when I sign in?

Upon arrival to the Replacement Center between 0600-0800 hours, it is necessary to be in uniform as inprocessing will start that day. If anytime after 0800 hours, uniform is not necessary and inprocessing will start the following morning unless it is a weekend or holiday.

What if I have an emergency while on leave or in transit and need extend my leave?

If you need to extend your leave, contact the Army Travelers’ Assistance Center at (800) 582-5552.

Welcome to the MPD's Promotions Section!
AG Icon

Welcome to the Promotions Work Center where our mission is to provide quality service to the Commanders and Soldiers assigned to Fort Benning. This military personnel services function involves de-centralized promotions (PV2-SPC) that are managed at the unit level. The AG provides oversight to ensure monthly waiver allocations are not exceeded as required by regulatory guidance. It also handles SGT/SSG promotion actions, senior NCO promotions, officer promotions, and other HQDA Selection Boards. Soldiers assigned to 3/3rd IN BCT are supported by their Brigade S1. AG supports the other installation's units.

For HQDA promotion/selection boards, the AG provides Commanders a listing of installation eligible Soldiers based on the published zone of consideration. HQDA suspense for evaluation reports, photographs, officer/enlisted records briefs, and individual communications are specified.

Release of HQDA Promotion/Selection Lists are handled via Microsoft Public Folders in Fort Benning's email system. One day prior to the official release date, AG will post the pre-positioned board results in the Commander's Directory. Only those granted access would be able to see the pre-positioned list. On the official release date at 0730, the board results will be moved to the AG public folder for review.

How can I add points to my promotion packet?

A Soldier must ensure his/her Enlisted Records Brief (ERB) is updated prior to adding promotion points. A Soldier can either add promotion points through his/her AKO account or through his/her battalion S1. Any item not listed on the ERB must be forwarded to the Promotion Work Center to remain as a permanent part of the promotion packet. Updating the ERB doesn’t automatically update the promotion points in the system. A Soldier must do a reevaluation of his/her points to update the total promotion points that are reflected on the AAA C10 report.

I recently PCS'd to Fort Benning and I don't have my promotion packet, what must I do?

(1) The gaining command must take prompt action to request missing documents from the Soldier’s former command.
(2) If the promotion packet cannot be obtained, but promotion board proceedings or the original initial DA Form 3355 signed by the promotion authority is available and the Soldier’s losing command can verify recommended list status, then the promotion work center may reconstruct the Soldier’s promotion packet and integrate the Soldier onto the list.
(3) Soldiers whose promotion packet was lost and cannot be reconstructed within 90 days of arrival in command must appear before a promotion board to gain valid recommended list status. The promotion work center will notify the promotion authority, in writing, of the suspense date after the Soldier’s arrival in the command.

What is the criterion for a Soldier to appear before a promotion board?

The time requirement for board appearance is the first day of the board month for:

  • Soldiers competing for promotion to SSG must have 70 Months TIS and 8 Months TIG (Primary Zone) and 46 Months TIS and 5 Month TIG with a waiver (Secondary Zone).
  • Soldiers competing for promotion to SGT must have 34 Months TIS and 4 Months TIG (Primary Zone) and 16 Months TIS and 4 Month TIG with a waiver (Secondary Zone).
How do I get my WLC/BNCOC added as graduated on the MEL/MES on the ERB?

This action can’t be performed by the Promotion Work Center. A Soldier must provide the documentation proving he/she is a graduate of WLC/BNCOC (i.e. DA Form 1059 or a document from other branches of service indicating completions). The Promotion Work Center will forward to the request to HRC for updating/processing.

How does the Soldier who is in an Active Airborne slot get the 20 points versus the 5 points for being airborne qualified?

Any Soldier with an SQI of P, V, or S, will have the option (a radio button) to select the corresponding badge (Parachutist, Senior, or Master), but must be in a valid airborne slot on the Unit Manning Roster before he will be awarded the positional promotion points.

Can a WTU Soldier who received a profile during deployment but has not taken an APFT in the last 12 months appear before a promotion board?

Yes, a WTU Soldier may appear before a promotion board. However, the Company Commander must write a memorandum indicating the soldier could not take an APFT due to no fault of his/her own and note the last recorded APFT score and date (if not already in eMILPO). The HR specialist will use the score of the last record APFT and the new date will be the date the commander signed the memorandum. This case also applies to pregnant soldiers.

How do I request WLC equivalency?

A Soldier must submit a DA Form 4187 requesting the WLC/BNCOC equivalency to the Promotion Work Center. All supporting documentation (i.e. DA Form 1059 from other branches of service or Reserve Components) must be attached. The Promotion Work Center will verify documentation and forward to the NCOES Branch for approval/disapproval.

Welcome to the MPD's Records Section!
AG Icon

Welcome to the Enlisted and Officer Records Work Center where our mission is to provide quality service to the Commanders, Soldiers, and S1s assigned to Fort Benning. This military personnel services function includes update of Military Personnel Files (MPF) and in/out processing.

Soldiers should update their MPFs annually, before deployment, and before promotion board actions. The most critical information to keep current (as often as it might change) is the Record of Emergency Data (DD Form 93) and Servicemen's Group Life Insurance elections (SGLV). AG operates MPF audits by appointment, but will process changes to DD 93 & SGLV on a walk-in-basis.

All MPFs are maintained by the units (typically at battalion level) for assigned permanent party Soldiers. AG still provides update support to units, except for Personnel Services Delivery Redesign (PSDR) units. This includes updates of the Officer Records Briefs (ORB - TOPMIS database), Enlisted Record Briefs (ERB - eMILPO database), and posting documents to Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) at HQDA.

The Army changed the policy for evaluation processing in order to support PSDR and all three components. This new procedure is a total system solution that provides electronic forms, electronic signatures, easy routing capability between users, automatic fill of administrative information, regulatory logic imbedded in the forms and electronic processing to HRC and EREC. Effective 12 October 2006, all evaluation processing will be managed by the units.

How do I correct my Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)?

In order to correct your OMPF, you may access the HRC website at Follow the instructions listed on that page, as appropriate.

What documents are needed to update my Enlisted Records Brief (ERB)/Officer Records Brief (ORB)?

In order to update an ERB or ORB, you will need: Copies of Award Certificates (DA Form 638 for downgraded awards only), Orders for badges, medals , Official College Transcripts, Certificate of Completion or DA Form 1059 for Schools, and NCOERs/OERSs for Assignment History update only.

How do I start or stop the Family Service member Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)?

Family Service Group Life insurance starts automatically when your spouse is entered in DEERS. If you are single with children, children are automatically covered if you have SGLV. To stop or reduce the amount of coverage for FSGLI, you must fill out SGLV 8286A and submit to the Personnel Services Branch (PSB). If previously declined FSGLI, you must fill out SGLV 8285A first and SGLV 8286A and then submit to PSB.

I have been told I need a statement of service (DA Form 1506); what are the documents are needed?

The documents that are needed to get a statement of service are the following:

  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Copy of Pay History from Finance (if no LES is available)
  • All DA Form 1059s
  • DD Form 220-Active Duty Report
  • DD Form 368- Request for Conditional Release from Reserve or Guard Components
  • NGB 23-Army National Guard Retirement Points History Statement
  • Orders (i.e. ADSW, ADT, AT, COTTAD, TTAD, COADOS, ADOS, Mobilization)
  • Copy of Current ERB/ORB
  • All DD Form 214-Certificate of Release of Discharge from Active Duty
  • Enlistment Contracts (DD Form 4/1, 4/2 and 4/3
  • NGB 22-Report of Separation and Record of Service
  • DRAP from 249-Army Reserve Retirement Points History Statement
  • DA Form 4187-Personnel Actions-for Identification of AWOL Time
How often should I update my DD93/SGLV?

You should update your DD93/SGLV every three years or when changes occur.

What is the Date Initially Entered Military Service (DIEMS) date?

This is the date an individual was initially enlisted, inducted, or appointed in a regular or reserve component of a uniformed service as a commissioned officer, warrant officer, or enlisted member.

How do I correct my DIEMS date?

You can update your DIEMS through the HRC website at . You must validate your date; if you receive an error message, please send email to the address provided on the site.

Welcome to the MPD's Soldier Actions Section!
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Welcome to the Soldier Actions Work Center where our mission is to provide quality service to the Commanders and Soldiers assigned to Fort Benning. This military personnel services function involves processing awards (the CG, Fort Benning has approval authority for recommendations for award of the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM). All MSM award recommendations must be submitted to the AG via email using the automated awards format for processing. All awards (LOM or higher) must be submitted to the AG for processing in hard copy format for further processing), individual Soldier requests and Board actions such as Officer Candidate School (OCS). It also includes the installation voting assistance program.

Individual Soldier actions include requests for service schools, Married Army Couples, naturalization, leave & temporary duty outside CONUS (country clearance required), compassionate reassignments, and others.


Many foreign countries require a theater and/or country clearance for active duty Soldiers on leave/TDY, and DOD Civilians/Contractors on TDY. Proper documentation must be submitted to the Directorate of Human Resources, Military Personnel Division, Soldier Actions Branch, Bldg 2620, not later than 35 days prior to the individual's date of arrival in the foreign country. It is imperative the 35 day threshold is met to give the overseas command ample lead time for processing purposes.

a. OCONUS LEAVE: Documents required for OCONUS leave:

  1. DA Form 4187 (Remarks section: Country or countries to be visited, dates of travel, purpose of travel, complete point of contact information (such as, name, address and phone number), travel itinerary and passport number, if applicable. DA Form 4187/4187-1 must be signed by battalion level commanders.
  2. Current Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Level 1 (ATFP) briefing (ea Wednesday, Bldg @ 1400-1500)
  3. SERE 100 Code of Conduct Training Certificate (access thru AKO).
  4. Pro-File (Isolated Personnel Report/ISOPREP) Certificate: , if experiencing problem with this link contact: Operations Support Team Comm: (586)239-3701.
  5. There may be additional requirements for things such as a force protection plan and AOR update briefing. If so, the DA Form 4187 should specify the date of the briefing/plan and the name of the person who approved the plan/briefing. See the Department of Defense Foreign Clearance Guide at for additional guidance.

b. OCONUS TDY: Documents required for OCONUS TDY:

  1. Completed TRADOC Form 712-R. This form must be approved by 06 level Commanders/Directors or higher.
  2. Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Level 1 training completion certification.

For additional information call (706) 545-5643.

I want to apply for a compassionate reassignment. What documents do I need?

To apply for a compassionate reassignment, you must submit a DA Form 4187, DA Form 3739, and any supporting documentation to assist HRC in making a decision. (See AR 614-200, chapter 5-16 for a listing of required documents).

What documents are required to apply for OCS?

The following documents are required to apply for OCS: Personnel Information Sheet, official photograph, DA Form 61, DA From 4187 for waivers (age, time in service, civil or moral offenses), copies of all transcripts, ACT/SAT results (Baccalaureate or higher degree- no SAT/ACT needed), DA Form 5339, DA Form 705 (last 2 records APFT), Original statement of height/weight, body fat worksheet if applicable, letters of recommendation, DA Form 1059 (WLC, BNCOC, ANCOC), ERB/ORB, DA Form 4255, DA Form 4322, DA Form 873, proof of citizenship, and DA Form 2808.

Where can I go to get assistance with requesting citizenship and what documents are needed?

To get assistance, visit the following website: . Click the box marked Immigration Forms. The forms needed are N-400, N-426 and G-325B. All forms must be typed. Hand written forms will not be accepted.

My spouse and I are stationed at the same duty station and want to enroll in (MACP). Are both Soldiers required to request enrollment?

No - only one Soldier needs to request enrollment in the MACP when both Soldiers are serviced by the same Military Personnel Division/Brigade Combat Team/Brigade S1. For Soldiers not serviced by the same Military Personnel Division/ Brigade Combat Team/ Brigade S1 both must apply.

My child is in high school and I want to apply for stabilization so he/she may graduate from the current high school. What is the process?

Requests should be submitted no earlier than March of the student’s sophomore year, and not later than the commencement of the student’s junior school year (for example, Student’s projected graduation date is Jun 2008; submit request between March – September 2006). Requests submitted outside of this time frame will be considered as an exception to policy and must be justified as to the delay of submission. Soldiers may be eligible to PCS before the start of the student’s junior year of high school.

The Soldier must request stabilization using a DA Form 4187 or memorandum. The request will be submitted through the chain of command to the ACOM/ASCC/DRU level, for a recommendation prior to forwarding to HRC-Fort Knox (HRC-EPA-P) for consideration. The Soldier’s request will include the following:

  • A letter/memorandum from the high school with the student’s name, SSN, and projected graduation date (included as an attachment to the request).
  • A statement on the Soldier’s request: “Student (child’s full name) is enrolled in DEERS.” Note: All students must be enrolled in DEERS and must be under the direct care/custody of the Soldier submitting the request.
  • A copy of the DD Form 1172 (Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card DEERS Enrollment) will be attached to the Soldier’s request if the student’s last name is different from the Soldier’s.

Soldiers enrolled in the MACP must both apply if both desire stabilization under these provisions. For Soldiers on assignment instructions, normal reassignment rules apply. That is, Soldier may request deletion or deferment in accordance with AR 600-8-11. These requests will be considered as an exception to policy. Stabilization under these provisions may be changed or canceled due to the changing needs of the Army.

How can an officer or warrant officer request separation from active duty?

Both an officer and a warrant officer must submit an unqualified resignation. See AR 600-8-24 for guidelines.

Welcome to the MPD's Voting Assistance Section!
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Welcome to the Soldier Actions Work Center where our mission is to provide quality service to the Commanders and Soldiers assigned to Fort Benning. The Army Voter Registration Program is designed to make registration and voting information, materials, and assistance readily available to all eligible Army voters. It is also to educate eligible voters about the importance of voting and provide every opportunity to register and cast a ballot. All unit voting assistance officers must be trained within 90 days of being appointed, in the grade of SFC/1LT and above, and are required to execute this task. Voting Assistance Officers must offer information about voting to Soldiers at unit level. Voting is a very important privilege of our rights as an American citizen and this right should be exercised.

How do I register to vote, or apply for an absentee ballot?

You may register and request an absentee ballot with a single form: The Federal Post Card Application. This application form is accepted by all states and territories and is postage- paid in the U.S. mail, including the Military Postal System and State Department Pouch mail. Hard copies of the form can be obtained from a U.S. embassy or consulate or requested directly from the Federal Voting Assistance Program at . An online version of the Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form is also available. The online version of the form must be mailed in an envelope with proper postage, or mailed using our prepaid return envelope. Your Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request form must be completed, printed, signed, dated and mailed directly to your local election official.

When is the best time to apply for an absentee ballot?

You should register/request an absentee ballot in January of each year or at least 45 days before Election Day.

When should I receive my ballot?

Most states and territories begin mailing ballots 30-45 days before an election. If you have not received your ballot two weeks before the election, contact your local election official (contact information available on most state election sites). If you encounter problems contacting your local election official, contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program. Always complete and return your absentee ballot regardless of when you receive it, even if you have already submitted a back-up Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot. Your local election official will ensure that only one of the ballots is counted.

What happens if I do not receive a ballot from my local election office?

If you requested an absentee ballot but have not received one close to Election Day, you can still vote by using the back-up Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB). In order to be eligible to use this back-up ballot, you must:

  • Be absent from your voting residence
  • Have applied for a regular ballot early enough so the request is received by the appropriate local election official not later than the State deadline; or the date that is 30 days before the general election
  • Have not received the requested regular absentee ballot from the state.
Where can I get a back-up Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot?

Hardcopies of the back-up Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) are available through your unit Voting Assistance Officers. An online version is also available, which must be completed, printed, signed, dated, and mailed to your local election official. Check out your state's instructions to determine your state specific instructions, witness/notary requirements for voted ballots, deadlines, and mailing addresses.

Where do I find the Installation Voting Office?

You can find the Installation voting office in Soldier’s Plaza, Building 2620 Upstairs. The telephone number is (706) 545-1876; you can also reach us by email at

Welcome to the Army Disaster Personnel Accounting and Assessment System (ADPAAS)!
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ADPAAS is a standardized method for the Army to account, assess, manage, and monitor the recovery process for personnel and their families affected and/or scattered by a wide-spread catastrophic event. ADPAAS provides valuable information to all levels of the Army chain of command, allowing commanders to make strategic decisions which facilitate a return to stability.

Who does ADPAAS account for?

ADPAAS accounts for Active Duty, all Reservists, National Guard, Army Civilian Employees, OCONUS Contractors and their dependents.

What does ADPAAS allow Army personnel to do?

ADPAAS allows Army personnel to report Accountability Status, Update Contact/Location information, Complete Needs Assessment and View Reference Information.

If I don't have access to a computer how can I notify the Department of the Army my family needs assistance during a catastrophic event?

You may contact the 24 hour Information Hotline at 1-800-833-6622.