M1 Abrams

Click to play a video of the M1 Abrams firing

Tank gunnery is done in phases better known as Tank Tables. Throughout phases, each tank will have fired around 50 main gun rounds, 400 rounds of .50 cal. Machine gun, and 1000 rounds of 7.62.

If you are within ear shot of the tank range, (this could be up to 10 miles away) and you hear the explosion or boom sound; that is the sound of the tank actually firing the main gun. When the main gun is fired it creates gasses that burn from the powder igniting on the round. This in turn creates a large fire ball and shock wave in the direction of the main gun barrel. The shock wave produced is from the speed of the round which travels supersonic at approximately 3,600 miles per hour. The training rounds used on all military installation have less powder in them and are designed to only fly around 4000 meters or 1.8 miles. The depth of the range to include the impact area, where the rounds can land, is approximately 19,000 meters or 8 miles. This large distance is created to insure the safety of Soldier’s firing on the surrounding ranges and the safety of the civilians living in the surrounding area.