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The Master Gunner Course is a 14 week course that was established in the year 1983. The purpose of the course is to train select noncommissioned officers (SGT(P)-SFC) to assist unit leaders in the planning and implementation of gunnery training. The Bradley Master Gunner serves as the Commanders’ subject matter expert on all issues relating to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle beginning with the initial crew training and culmination into advanced section and platoon qualification.  

Reporting Instructions

IN-PROCESSING /1000-1200/McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Classroom East 106

In-processing takes place the day prior (Sunday) to the ATRRS class start date:

  1. Uniform ACUs
  2. Ensure you bring the following:
    1. Military I.D. Card
    2. Battalion Commander’s Letter of Recommendation
    3. Orders for Master Gunner School (DD Form 1610 / Defense Travel System (DTS) / Official Orders / School Service Worksheet)
    4. Certificate of Training for VCE (certified within last 12 months)
    5. Certificate of Training for I/O (certified within last 12 months)
    6. GT VI Score Sheet (certified within last 12 months)
    7. GST / GT I Score Sheet (within the last 6 months)
    8. DA Form 705 Record APFT Card (within the last 6 months)
    9. No Profiles that will limit the Soldiers’ ability to accomplish the required training upon arrival.
    10. DA 5500-r Body Fat Work Sheet (if applicable within the last 6 months)
    11. Current UP – TO – DATE ERB or DA 2-1
    12. Proof of GT Score 100 or above, rank SGT(P) (with 4 yrs TIS and WLC or PLDC) thru SFC (MSG NG), holding an MOS of 11B, 12B, 13F, and 19D

*See Additional Information for Complete list of Prerequisites

Pre-requisites are non-waiverable

Students without the required pre-requisites will not be accepted except for exceptional circumstances, which must be approved prior to the student’s arrival. You must contact the Master Gunner Branch at 706-544-7231 concerning prospective students who cannot satisfy all the required pre-requisites.

DAY ONE FORMATION will be at Olsen Hall Courtyard at 0530 (BLDG 399 inner courtyard area) uniform is ACUs. If you miss in-processing, bring the above documents on Day 1.
All students bring the following with you:

  1. Military Bag for Book Issue
  2. Military ID Card
  3. All Required Documents

The Bradley Master Gunner Course is a 14 week course comprised of two phases:
Phase One: Maintenance Phase – Ammunition Capabilities; Ballistics; M240 machine gun Series; M242 25MM Gun; Turret Components and Functions; M2A3 specific classes; Surface Danger Zones, Target Safing and Range Overlays.
Phase Two: Gunnery Phase – VCE; SIO; Training Devices, Prerequisites to Live Fire Gunnery; Range Operations; STAB/UNSTAB Platform Gunnery; Collective Gunnery; CALFEX; Ammunition Forecasting; Training Management; Short Range Training Plan.

General Daily Timeline
0600-0700 PT (at Olsen Hall)
0815 Formation/Bus Pickup
0900-1130 Instruction
1130-1300 Lunch (Transportation & Dining Facility offered)
1300-1700 Instruction
1700 Bus Pickup (Return to Olsen Hall)

Packing List
*See Additional Information for Highly Recommended Items
1-29 IN REGT STAFF DUTY:(706) 544-7477
OLSON HALL (BLDG 399):(706) 689-0067
 (706) 545-2011
MASTER GUNNER OPS FAX:(706) 544-7404
Additional Information

Recommended packing list items:It is recommended (but not required) that all students, CONUS and OCONUS alike, bring their own:

  • FM 3-20.21, HBCT Gunnery
  • TM 9-1005-200-23&P, M242 25mm Automatic Gun (with updated changes)
  • TM 9-1005-313-23&P, M240 7.62mm Machine Gun (with updated changes)

NOTE: This affords students the opportunity to write and take notes in the same book that they will utilize to conduct gunnery training and maintenance back at their unit upon graduation.

Complete Prerequisites list: (Click here to view the PDF)

Software Proficiency: Students will be issued a laptop computer for Short Range Training Plan development and course work. Candidates should receive training on Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe Reader at their home station prior to attending the course.

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