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The U.S. Army Officer Candidate School trains, educates, branches, and commissions competent and committed leaders of character to win in a complex world.

Update: The OCS Hall of Fame will take place March 25-29, 2018 and the schedule of events can be located at www.ocsalumni.org. The POC for this event is CPT Rob Hammer and he can be reached at Robert.j.hammer.mil@mail.mil.

Leadership Development

Class Dates

All personnel must sign into OCS NLT 1200 hours on the report date of their class.

Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) Course Catalog


Congratulations on your selection for Officer Candidate training. It is highly admirable that you chose to pursue a commission and serve your country as a member of its officer corps. I look forward to your arrival at Fort Benning, Georgia, “Home of the Infantry”, and to 3d Battalion, 11th Infantry (Officer Candidate School).

The battalion’s mission is train and commission 2d Lieutenants for the Army. A competent cadre will train you on the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills, instill Army values and officership, evaluate your leadership potential. We will commission only those who meet the challenge and succeed.

The Program of Instruction (POI) is 12 weeks long. You will be challenged physically, mentally, academically, and emotionally. Make sure you are physically prepared. Come here in shape, not to get in shape! Ensure your personal affairs are in order. Once enrolled, there is little time to tend to personal affairs.

Our Family Readiness Group assists the chain of command in keeping families informed on the progress of their candidates in training. It is imperative that we have accurate contact information to keep your families updated. Our primary forum for information is electronic mail but we will send hard copy for those families with no access to the web. If your families are not getting the information they need, please have them contact your company commander or me.

Please review the information on this site. It is provided to aid your preparation for OCS. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my staff or me. I look forward to training you to become an officer.



The U.S. Army Officer Candidate School trains, educates, branches, and commissions competent and committed leaders of character to win in a complex world.


Information for current and future Officer Candidate School Program Boards and Requirements, please read the following MILPER Messages:

The OCS Packing list and OCSOP have been revised as of 11 MAR, please ensure you are using the most current version. Failure to adhere to the packing list could result in removal from the course.

Also, as of 26 September, all candidates reporting to OCS will bring the yellow reflective belt. There are two types sold at the Clothing Sales Store, only the nylon belt will be worn. The vinyl belt will not be authorized. This is a change to the current packing list, replacing the orange safety vest.

Effective 1 SEP, OCS implemented a new standard of conduct that is designed to ensure a better officer will be produced during the short 12 weeks they are here.

Some of the major changes

  • Must report to OCS with entire packing list and a 6-week supply of sundry items. There will be a packing list inspection on Day 1, unauthorized items will be confiscated and people missing items will be dropped from the course.
  • Candidates arriving from BCT who have not been given the opportunity to purchase packing list items may be given a brief period to purchase these items at the PX or Commandos when they sign in to OCS.
  • The first 6 weeks is now focused on immersion training. Webster defines immersion as "instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study." Training will be conducted 7 days a week, and students will not be allowed outside of the Battalion area.
  • PT is conducted six days a week with one day for recovery. Officer Candidates are authorized to conduct PT within the unit area during personal time.
  • Inside the BN area are a mile long PT track, weight training equipment, Crossfit equipment and various other pieces of physical equipment available for use.
  • There will be limited times to see family members, so probably best not to have them move to Columbus, GA while going thru the course
  • OCS remains tobacco free; alcohol free except for Grad Social and Grad Formal
  • Increased time spent focusing on the "intangibles" that Company and Battalion Commanders want in their young officers.
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Get Involved

Alumni Events

Volunteer to Mentor

Mentoring is an important part of Officer Candidate School. Volunteer to influence and shape young leaders. Coming soon: Dates of Mentor branch fairs and mentorship runs that you and others can attend and influence young leaders.

For further information contact the S-3 S-3 CPT Charles Ashcraft at (706)545-5512 or charles.c.ashcraft.mil@mail.mil.