In order to ensure uniformity of standards in all EIB testing, all EIB tasks must be selected from the currently approved 11B Skill Level 1 Critical Task List. Conditions and standards for the selected tasks can be accessed through the Army Training Network (ATN), which is the only approved resource for individual conditions and standards. Using ATN ensures all units are applying the same standards and accessing the same references for EIB testing across the force. Click here to access ATN.

Units are authorized to use Graphic Training Aid (GTA) Cards in conjunction with training and during testing; however, to ensure uniformity across the force, only authorized GTA cards may be used. To download and print approved GTA Cards click here.

If any issues are encountered with conflicting, outdated, or incorrect information concerning tasks accessed through ATN, contact the Fort Benning EIB Test Support Officer (TSO). The TSO will determine what source will be used for the task in question, as well as ensure that the proper personnel are notified about the issue so ATN can be corrected.

Units may also use the various products on this page to assist with their EIB training and testing.