Wall locker storage space for personal clothing in the billets is limited. However, students may bring a reasonable amount of appropriate civilian clothing may be brought to the BAC. Soldiers at Fort Benning are expected to wear appropriate civilian clothing and present a neat, clean, military appearance during off-duty time. Students must be aware that MCoE Regulation 600-5, Civilian Clothing Standards, which addresses the wear of civilian clothing on Fort Benning, is strictly enforced in on-post facilities. Examples of clothing prohibited for wear in on-post facilities are: clothing which presents a provocative appearance, dirty clothing, underclothing worn as an outer garment; mesh T-shirts, "muscle shirts", tube tops, tank tops, bikini swim suit tops, any shirt which has had the sleeves cut off, or clothing that presents a ragged or torn appearance; modified items of military clothing (cut-off ACU trousers, ACU Coat, Cold Weather, (ACU Universal Camouflage Pattern) with the sleeves cut-off or shortened), clothing with profanity written or printed on it, shorts which do not present a proper or tasteful appearance, or shower shoes. Soldiers are expected to comply with all changes to AR 670-1 that impact personal appearance standards while in civilian clothing.