Fort Benning

U.S. Army Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Army Mountain Warfare School (AMWS) Site

Army Mountain Warfare School (AMWS)


  • To provide SQI "E" Training for ARNG, USAR & AC.
  • To develop and conduct training for the Department of the Army in basic and advanced mountain warfare and cold weather skills and tactics to be employed by combat units during all climatic conditions.
  • To train supported units in mountain warfare and cold weather skills; to provide technical assistance and advice to supported units in the conduct of mountain operations.
  • To train, equip, and maintain a high angle mountain search and rescue team.


  • Throughout the course of history, armies have been significantly affected by the requirement to fight in the mountains. With approximately 38 percent of the world’s landmass classified as mountains, the Army must be prepared to deter conflicts, resist coercion, and defeat aggression in mountains as in other areas.
  • The purpose of the SQI "E" Course, Military Mountaineer, is to train soldiers in the specialized skills required for operating in mountainous terrain, under all climatic conditions, day and night.
  • These courses teach soldiers how to use adverse terrain and weather conditions to their advantage as a combat multiplier. This aids in preserving the unit strength and combat power to achieve mission success.
  • Our ultimate objective is to teach MOBILITY.