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The Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) at Fort Benning, Ga., takes training very seriously and none more so than that related to the number one killer of Soldiers on the current battlefields worldwide. Current counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) instruction provided at the installation includes a block on available training resources on the topic and directions on how to get them. Units that receive training and any “stay behind” material for unit trainers receive instruction on how to locate and access the material for future training as well as some best practices on how to best incorporate it in their training events.

The Instructional Technology Development Team (ITDT) with the technical assistance of the MCoE’s C-IED training Team at Fort Benning recently completed the development of several Digital Learning Content (DLC) products that can support the three learning domains (institutional, operational, and self-development). These digital training applications can be employed through commercial mobile devices supporting the Department of Defense’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. The products can be utilized on unit kiosks, SmartBoards, or other computerized means to support the Army Learning Model (ALM).

These new products include MCoE “Smart” products that are mobile application releases of key C-IED training materials that make it easier for warfighters and leaders to maintain 24/7 access to key training topics through the use of current smart devices. The product titles include the “MCoE Counter-IED Smart Guide” and the “Dismounted C-IED Smart Book.” These two products are ideal for “white space” discussion topics or as a refresher/familiarization with key basic IED topics that apply across all OEs and not just Afghanistan.

The newest and most detailed product released is titled the MCoE Handheld Detector Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), an application designed to support a blended learning program of instruction for future warfighter leaders at all levels. The IMI can be used to introduce/familiarize the warfighter with key C-IED enablers as well as refresh or sustain knowledge on these systems. The IMI is divided into five modules, the first four covering predominant handheld devices (HHDs) employed by the Warfighter that include the DSP-27, VMC1 Gizmo, VMR2 Minehound, and AN/PSS-14 as well as a fifth module covering the dismounted CREW system Thor III.

Sub-lessons are arranged in a logical progression and build upon skills and knowledge developed in previous sections of each module. They can also serve as refresher training for those who already have some experience with the systems, but haven’t had recent “hands-on” experience with them.

These include the topics:

  1. Introduction and theory of operation
  2. Prepare for operation
  3. System controls, indicators, and operation
  4. Troubleshooting

Interested leaders and trainers can find these products on the Warrior University website — Access to IMI will require a CAC login or AKO user name and password. User/Download Note: Users can submit their feedback on the product in Warrior University. Your feedback helps develop better products that meet the warfighters’ needs.

The ITDT has the ability to produce mobile applications, IMI, training videos, VBS 2/3 scenario’s, and three-dimensional (3D) interactive models that can be used by students or the instructor in or out of the classroom. The products may be implemented on unit kiosks, SmartBoards, or other computerized means.

Commanders seeking development of DLC to support ALM should contact the ITDT located in McGinnis-Wickham Hall. The point of contact for product development is Dr. Roy Elam, chief of the ITDT, at or (706) 545-8828.

Cliff Repicky is currently serving as a C-IED analyst/training developer on the Individual and Systems Training Division/Systems Training Branch, MCoE C-IED Team. His previous assignments include serving as an instructor on a Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3)/Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE) mobile training team with Omega Training Group, Iraq; and IMI development team-11B Infantry subject matter expert with Omega Training Group, Columbus, Ga.; and an 11B senior instructor, NCO Academy (Advanced NCO Course/Senior Leaders Course), Fort Benning.

Billy Massengill is a training specialist with the MCoE’s Directorate of Training and Doctrine, Training Development Division, Systems Branch, Instructional Technology Development Team, Fort Benning. His previous assignments include serving as a training specialist, Simulations, Fort Knox, Ky., and as an instructor for the Maneuver NCO Course and Basic NCO Course at Fort Knox. He retired as a SFC in 2003 after serving 20 years as a 19D Cavalry Scout.

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Figure 1 — Bradley ECP 1 & 2 Technologies