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April 2017 - June 2017 Issue


Infantry Attacks at NTC: Part II

Integration of the T-11 ATPS

How Enablers Shape the Deep Fight for the BCT

Professional Forum

Assessing Leadership Effectively: Get it Right, Every Time

A Call for an Effective Mentorship Program

Do Your CP and Command Philosophy Support Mission Command?

Brigade Advising Against Daesh

Russian Deep Operational Maneuver: From the OMG to the Modern Maneuver Brigade

Training Notes

12 Things Your Unit Should Consider Before Coming to JMRC

Winning in a GPS-Degraded Environment

Sociology for a Comprehensive PME Curriculum

Cognitive Dominance through the Engagement Decision Matrix

Lessons From The Past

‘Big Red One’ Marks 100 Years of Leading the Way

An Old Infantryman’s Story

Infantry News

75th Ranger Regiment Team Takes Top Spot at 2017 Best Ranger

SFABs to Free BCTs from Advise, Assist Mission

Heads-Up Display to Improve Situational Awareness

Book Reviews

Legend: The Incredible Story of Green Beret Sergeant Roy Benavidez’s Heroic Mission to Rescue a Special Forces Team Caught Behind Enemy Lines

Tiger Hunters: Special Operations in Korea (Behind the Lines of the Chinese and North Korean Forces 1950-1953)

The Strong Gray Line: War-Time Experiences from the West Point Class of 2004

Battalion Commanders at War: U.S. Army Tactical Leadership in the Mediterranean Theater, 1942-1943