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July 2017 - September 2017 Issue


Company Commanders Share CALFEX Lessons Learned

OPFOR vs RTU Small Unmanned Aerial Systems at JMRC

Professional Forum

Leveraging Space: An Examination of the Ultimate High Ground at Echelons Brigade and Below

Building Readiness in the Total Force

Expeditionary PGM 120mm Mortar Employment

Combat Feedback from US Army Combatives Instructors

Maneuver Leaders’ Role in Observation Planning

Training Notes

Getting CBRN into Training Exercises

Continuous Refinement of the Plan: A View of the MDMP from the OPFOR at JMRC

Employing the Stryker Formation in the Defense: An NTC Case Study

Protecting the Tail of the Tiger: Reshaping the Way We Train Logistics

Lessons From The Past

Ambush, North Carolina Style: The Battle of Moores Creek

Infantry News

SEP Evaluates Products to Meet Soldier Needs

Army to Begin Fielding Modular Handguns in November

New Sight Wirelessly Pairs with NVGs

Book Reviews

Where the Iron Crosses Grow: The Crimea 1941-44

Douglas MacArthur: American Warrior

Fighting the Cold War: A Soldier’s Memoir