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Korean War Student Paper Collection

This collection of personal experience monographs and student papers describe combat operations, actions and campaigns fought during the Korean War. The content does not represent an official view or publication only the opinions of the authors who wrote them.


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E-book: "The Chosin Chronology: Battle of the Changjin Reservoir, 1950" by George A. Rasula with maps by Melville Coolbaugh. Posted on Web site with special permission by the author.

Korean War Project. Link to web site posted with special permission by the project creators.


Burack, Emanuel CPT, "Defensive Action in Mountainous Terrain"

Donahue, Patrick CPT, "Danger of Poor Training Management: The U.S. Army in Korea, July 1950"

Isensee, Ernst K. CPT, "Lessons Learned in the Korean Conflict"

Post, Charles M. CPT, "Company K in the Defense: Vicinity of Chipo-ri, 18-23 April 1951"

Trabue, Earl N. CPT, "Perimeter Defense (Examples: 179th Infantry, Outpost Eerie, March 1952; 32nd Infantry, Hwachon Reservoir, April 1951; 23rd Infantry, Korea, 1950)"