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OCS Yearbooks 1946-1986

This historical collection of Officer Candidate School Yearbooks date from 1946 to the mid-2000s. Also included are donated items from patrons and/or organizations to include the first OCS class of 1941. This is in no way a complete collection but what exists at the MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library Archives and at OCS. The yearbooks and other materials are displayed according to how they were digitized. Additional items will be added in the near future. For more information on OCS go to or contact the OCS Alumni Association at


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E-book: "The OCS Story (DA Pam 601-1)", Headquarters Department of the Army, October 1969.

E-book: "51st OC Company Class 58-2, Years 1994-2008". Posted with permission from MAJ (ret) Thomas A. Spencer, Secretary of the Reunion Committee for the 51st OC Company Class 58-2.

The following items below were donated to the library's digital archives by Ms. Mary (Diane) Lane Starling and her cousin, George Paul Yung, whose fathers, Edwin William Lane and George Peter Yung, attended the first OCS Class back in September 1941.

OCS Class of 1941 Photo

Edwin William Lane is seated on Row 5, first on the right. George Peter Yung is seated 2nd on the back row to the right of the center line where the photo looks separated.

CLICK HERE! to access the 1941 Class Roster which has been redacted. The List which may be incomplete shows 140 names. In the September 1961 issue of The Bayonet, an article on the 20th anniversary of OCS , states General of the Army George C. Marshall spoke to 166 graduates.

CLICK HERE! to access the article, "OCS at Fort Benning Completes 20 Years" which appeared in the September 29, 1961 issue of The Bayonet.



LT Edwin William Lane

LT Edwin and Mrs. Mary Cotton Lane. Lane died October 1945, three weeks after returning home from the war.

LT George Peter Yung

LT George and Mrs. Louise Yung. Yung retired in 1957 as a Lieutenant Colonel after 21 years of service.



OCS Class No. 45-413 (located at OCS as 413-45); CLICK HERE! to access OCS Class 45-413 (413-45) Class Roster which has been redacted with 108 graduates to include William H. Gates Sr., father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

OCS Class No. 47-5

OCS Class No. 47-7

OCS Class No. 52-2

OCS Class No. 52-7

OCS Class No. 52-8

OCS Class No. 52-9

OCS Class No. 52-14

OCS Class No. 52-15

OCS Class No. 52-16

OCS Class No. 52-21

OCS Class No. 52-27

OCS Class No. 52-29

OCS Class No. 52-31

OCS Class No. 52-42

OCS Class No. 53-6

OCS Class No. 53-13

OCS Class No. 53-16

OCS Class No. 53-46

OCS Class No. 53-63

OCS Class No. 53-75

OCS Class No. 54-02

OCS Class No. 54-06

OCS Class No. 56-03

OCS Class No. 58-02

OCS Class No. 2-67 Graduation Program (Yearbook is missing)

OCS Class No. 67-11 ((located on shelf at OCS as Class 30-67)grad date: 17 Feb 1967)

OCS Class No. 67-30 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 30-67)

OCS Class No. 67-44 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 44-67)

OCS Class No. 67-48 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 48-67)

OCS Class No. 67-56 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 56-67)

OCS Class No. 14-69 Graduation Program from 3 Apr 1969

OCS Class No. 70-11 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 11-70)

OCS Class No. 77-2 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 2-77)

OCS Class No. 87-1 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 1-87)

OCS Class No. 00-1 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 1-00)

OCS Class No. 00-3 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 3-00)

OCS Class No. 01-5 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 5-01)

OCS Class No. 02-1 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 1-02)

OCS Class No. 02-5 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 2-05)

OCS Class No. 03-3 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 3-03)

OCS Class No. 03-7 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 7-03)

OCS Class No. 04-509 (located on shelf at OCS as Class 509-4)