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Library Services


  • CIRCULATION SERVICES: To reserve materials or to reserve space in the library, please contact the Library Staff at 706-545-5661/DSN: 835-5661

  • POLICY MEMORANDUM 210-10-2 - SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN IN THE LIBRARY: Reference MCoE Pamphlet 210-10, MCoE Standards of Conduct, 14 Dec 12. Mission: The MCoE Headquarters Donovan Research Library supports doctrinal/academic research and the informational requirements for training at Fort Benning. The library‚Äôs various collections are developed to meet the requirements of the training mission and to support academic/doctrinal research in the MCoE/Fort Benning Community.

    Children may accompany parents using the library for training activities and/or research as long as they are supervised and well behaved. The Library is not staffed nor is it their mission to assume the responsibility of minors left alone and unsupervised. It is the responsibility of the library staff to notify the proper authorities of any children left alone or left unsupervised in the library. Please contact the MCoE Libraries Chief at 706-545-8591/DSN: 835-8591 for additional information. CLICK HERE! to read Official Policy Memorandum.

  • COMPUTERS, PRINTING AND SCANNING: The MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library provides Internet access with network printing capability for library users. Scan-to-email and standalone scanning stations for those needing to save information on thumbdrives or burn to CDs/DVDs are available. Printing from network computers is limited. Printing entire Army manuals are not allowed. Please be mindful of the number of pages being printed. For assistance, please see library staff. CLICK HERE! to read the Computer Use Policy Memorandum.

  • COMMERCIAL INTERNET ACCESS/WI-FI: MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library provides free Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi access is through a commercial service without printing capability. To print save work to CD, DVD or e-mail file to yourself. Make a reservation at the computer reservation station to print from the network printers. To print from standalone non-network computer/printer, save information to a thumb drive or if on a .mil computer, you must save to a CD or DVD. Electrical outlets for laptops are available on the Main Library floor aand Archives areas. When plugging in items at other locations in the library, please do not unplug equipment. For information pertaining to your equipment for wireless connectivity, please consult library staff or your manufacturer's manual.

  • COMPUTER RESERVATIONS: The MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library requires advance notice for organizations needing computers reserved for Internet access for groups of 10-20 to complete training requirements. Please call 706-545-5661 to make reservations.

  • FAX AND PHOTOCOPIES: FAX and photocopier services are available at the MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library. Users are requested to be reasonable in the number of pages copied or FAXed.

  • LIBRARY ACCOUNT: Library patron registration is open to military ID card holders, DoD civilians and Family Members at the MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library and Family and MWR Library (Sayers) at Fort Benning as well as select group of Army libraries in the General Library Information System (GLIS) in the United States, Alaska, Europe, Korea and Japan. The system also provides access to deployed Soldiers. Guest accounts will be available on a case by case basis. Once registered, members will have access to their account information via the On-line Catalog located at CLICK HERE! for instructions on how to access your library account.

  • LOAN OF MATERIALS: Books and audiobooks may be checked out for three weeks and DVDs for one week. They may be renewed once if not on reserve. The following materials are for in-house use only: manuscripts, rare books, periodicals, microforms, Army Regulations, Field Manuals, Department of Army Pamphlets, and other select military publications. For more information, please contact the Library Staff.

  • ORIENTATIONS: The MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library staff provides orientation briefings to faculty, students and other individuals. Call 706-545-5661/706-545-6411; e-mail:, or see the MCoE HQ Libraries Acquisitions/Outreach Librarian or the MCoE Libraries Chief for assistance.

  • PROCTORING:The MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library ceased proctoring.

  • ARMY EDUCATION CENTERS: IMCOM Army Continuing Education Center Web site.

    The following is information on proctoring locations and contact information for the following Fort Benning students. For additional information contact The Fort Benning Education Center at 706-545-7397 or go by Building 9230, 8150 Marne Road, near the Commissary:

    Central Texas College (CTC) Fort Benning has a computer lab for testing/proctoring. It's located in Bldg 9230, 8150 Marne Road, and open Tuesday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 706-682-7390 to set up an appointment. Free for CTC, University of Maryland and Columbia Southern University students. For all others the fee is $20.

    Chattahoochee Valley Community College (CVCC) will proctor CVCC students for free. There may be a charge for other students. They are located in Building 9230, 8150 Marne Road. Call 334-214-4871 and ask for Ms. Ortiz to make an appointment.

    Family and MWR Library, located at 7611 Sightseeing Road, BLDG 2784, offers proctoring services for students. For more information contact the Reference Librarian, Luquita King at 706-626-2550 or

    Troy University will proctor Troy students for a fee of $25. Students must fill out the online form available at

    Vincennes University will proctor any student from any college for free. Students can go by The Soldiers for Life Center, Bldg 9230, Room 1333 to pick up a form, or call 706-689-0098 for more information.

  • REFERENCE/ILL REQUESTS: The MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library staff is on duty to provide reference/research including on-line literature searches as well as interlibrary loan requests for books and/or materials from other institutions. See the Reference Librarian, call 706-626-8663/DSN: 620-8663 or e-mail: