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Tactics Certification Course (TCC) Schedule


The Tactics Certification Course develops and educates Non-Commissioned Officers to standardize a current base level of doctrinal knowledge.


The Tactics Certification Course (TCC) provides a basic foundation in current combined arms maneuver doctrine, focusing on troop leading procedures at the company level and below, for all tactics instructors/trainers.

Phase Scope

TCC’s scope of instruction focuses on Army doctrine (ADRPs 1-02, 3-0, 3-90, and 5-0) and the foundations for tactical planning and execution. The course learning outcomes span eight subject areas: Unified Land Operations, Operational Graphics, Reconnaissance and Security, Offensive Operations, Defensive Operations, Combat Orders, Troop Leading Procedures, and Indirect Fire Planning. After completing the course, the future tactics instructor will be able to:

Course Outcomes:

  1. Apply a basic understanding of current combined arms maneuver doctrine to small-unit tactical operations.
  2. Apply the eight steps of Troop Leading Procedures.
  3. Conduct a mission analysis using mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, civil considerations (METT-TC).
  4. Develop a small-unit level operations course of action using the correct operations planning process.
  5. Brief a small-unit level operations course of action using the correct operational terms and graphics.
  6. Describe the fundamentals of reconnaissance & security and decisive action.
  7. Describe the role of doctrine in the application of the art and science of tactics.

Phase Prerequisites

After graduating the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC), newly assigned tactics instructors will attend TCC before beginning their unit’s internal instructor certification program. If incoming tactics instructors receive a passing score on the TCC Pre-assessment they are not required to attend the course. Based on class availability and timing the tactics instructors may attend TCC before ABIC. See the Prerequisite statement below:
“Reserve Component Soldiers in the 11, 12, 13, 15, 19 and 31 Career Management Fields (CMF) with the rank of SGT-MSG, WO1 - WO3, and 1LT - CPT assigned as tactics instructors. A waiver is required for all other DoD military personnel, civilians, contractors, and Foreign Military Soldiers assigned to a position instructing tactics.”


W-128, Mcginnis Wickam Hall

Register by email or call 706-626-2386/713-505-2090.

Course Schedule

Click HERE to view the TCC FY16 Course Schedule (PDF Format)