Directorate of Training

Doctrine and Collective Training Division:
The Doctrine and Collective Training Division is responsible for all doctrine and collective training products for US Army maneuver forces at squad through Brigade Combat Team level.

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DSN: 835-7114
Commercial: (706) 545-7114
Fax: XXX-7500

Ranger Training Brigade:
Responsible for doctrine involving Long Range Surveillance Unit operations, combatives, individual mountaineering, rappelling, and fast roping.

Commander, Ranger Training Brigade
ATTN ATSH-RB (S3 Section)
784-7212 DSN
(706) 544-7212 Commercial
835-7212 (ext 241) DSN FAX

197th Infantry Brigade:
Responsible for manuals on individual gunner/operator techniques and training on Infantry weapons. Includes Bradley Gunnery, Mortar Gunnery, and Sniper training.

Commander, 29th Infantry Regt
Attn: ATSH-IN, (S3 Section)
DSN: 784-6814 Commercial: (706) 544-6814
DSN: 784-6751FAX

199th Infantry Brigade:
Responsible for manuals on individual parachuting
techniques and Pathfinder unit operations.

Commander, 11th Regt
Attn: TP (S3 Section)
DSN: 835-6017 Commercial: (706) 545-6017

Army Physical Fitness School:
Responsible for manuals on physical fitness and training.

Commandant, US Army Physical Fitness School
Attn: ATSH-PF (Doctrine Division)
DSN: 835-6330 Commercial: (706) 545-6330