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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 2. Old Patch School
Bldg 7. 7117 Baltzell Ave.

Old picture of Patch School

This building was built in 1931, with additions dating to 1939.  The building is Spanish Colonial Style and originally had a “U” shape, forming an enclosure on the three sides of a playground.  All classrooms opened to a continuous porch facing the playground.  This style originated in California and gained nationwide popularity.  A few years later the back classroom wing was added, enclosing the open side.  Later still the auditorium was built in the middle, causing a loss of the playground.  It served as a children’s school from 1931 until about 2009 when it became the Army Community Service building and renamed “Patch Hall”.The school was named in honor of Captain Alexander M. Patch, Jr., who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in World War II.