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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 3. Betjeman Bridge
Benning Blvd. at Uchee Creek

935 in back-1923 trestle ridge in front, footings to pre-1923 bridge at water level

The Betjeman Bridge was built in 1935.  The bridge’s lofty architectural style set the tone for the traveler because it matched - and thus emphasized - the Renaissance Revival style of the most prominent Main Post buildings. It had two lanes for vehicular traffic and incorporated the railroad track on a third “lane”.  The railway had formerly been on its own separate bridge nearby.

Betjeman Bridge was the third bridge to be built in this location, having been preceded by a steel trestle bridge built in 1923 and before that a wood bridge that was built before Fort Benning was established.  In this 1935 photo the steel trestle bridge is seen still in use, just a few yards upstream from the Betjeman Bridge.  The two concrete foundations of the original wood bridge are seen just upstream from both bridges. 

1940 bridge