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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 6. Chinese Arch
100 yards west of intersection Lumpkin Rd. and Morrison St

Chinese Arch

The arch was presented to the 15th U.S. Infantry Regiment in April 1925 by the residents of several small villages near the port city of Tientsin. In the Chinese Civil War of 1924, the Soldiers of the 15th patrolled this area and protected the villagers from the warring Chinese armies. The 15th U.S. Infantry Regiment was stationed in Tientsin, China from 1912 to 1938. After over a quarter century of service, the unit was ordered to Fort Lewis, WA. The arch, engraved “A remembrance of the golden deeds done by officers and men of the United States Army Forces in China during the civil strife, 1924,” was presented to the Infantry School at Fort Benning, GA in March 1938.

A remembrance of the golden deeds done by officers and men United States Army Forces in China during the Civil Strife 1924.

All the military struggled for a piece of ground. Thus the wheel of fate was made to win round. At Shanhaikuan the battle furious was fought. To Tienfsin and Peking the danger was brought. Soldiers defeated ran for their lives everywhere. But fear for robberies the folks could not bear. O innocent creatures peaceful rulers of the country. Many a time 'mid the night, alarm had to stay. The sons of Uncle Sam so galiant in their deed. Day and night to strict defence took the greatest heed. And through their strenuous effort and suffering. Peace among all was kept and maintained. Honor those to whom honor is due. For their good records were none too few. Their golden fame spreads to east and west. May each of them the Almighty bless.

Respectfully Presented With Pleasure By

Kuei Dui Chuan, Tung Chia Lou, Tung Lou Chuan, Hsiao Hsin Chuang, Chen Tang Chuang, Hsi Liu Che?, Tu Cheng Chuan, Shang Ho Chuan, Chien Kuang Shan, Chien Hsi Lou, Gwa Chia Shih, Shoun Chia ?, Hou Chia Kou, Yang Chia Chuang, Hsia Ho Chuan, Hou Kuang Shah, Hou Hsi Lou, Hsiao Liu C?, Hsiao Wang Chuang, The Yu Yan Cotton Mill and the Pei and First Commercial Cotton Mill.