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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 17. Old Post Gymnasium
Bldg 358. 7009 Ingersoll St.
Built 1923

Building 358, First Gymnasium

The Post Gymnasium, Building 358, was built in 1923 with the labor of 2 NCOS and 15 Enlisted Men of the 24th Infantry Regiment and the 7th Engineer Battalion. This was part of a grouping of recreational buildings. It was built from a standard 66’ x 240’ aircraft hangar frame salvaged from Miami FL, and corrugated metal siding and roofing salvaged from Americus, GA. The materials cost $4,274.01 and the labor cost was $0. This building was large enough to include a roller skating rink. In 1928, additional funding allowed upgrading the walls to stucco, adding the arches at the entrance, and replacing the roof. ¬†This brought it to the appearance seen today.¬† It remained in use as a gym until 1966, when its open interior was divided into offices. It is now a communications center. Access is restricted.