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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 21. The Old Farmhouse
Bldg 8
Built about 1890s

Lavoie Community Life Center 1994

This old farmhouse is one of two buildings which pre-date Fort Benning.  It was built around the mid to late 1800s.  It was considered to be one of the better quality farm houses in the years immediately prior to the establishment of Fort Benning.  It served many purposes immediately after acquisition by the Government, such as a range guard house, but remained primarily a farm house within a grouping of other smaller farm houses that housed workers for the surrounding fields.  These farms supplied vegetables for mess halls and operated under Installation management until about 1940. After 1940 it assumed various roles such as dispensary for a Parachute Battalion, a community housing office, and a grounds-keeping office.

Lavoie Community Life Center 2009 Lavoie Community Life Center 2009 details