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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 30. Calculator Monument and Sacrifice Field monuments.
McIver St. on Sacrifice Field.

Calculator Monument 1930

The Calculator Monument was built in 1930 to honor the beloved mascot of Fort Benning: a Terrier type dog named “Calculator”.  The dog went wherever the Soldiers went and was known and loved by all.  He gained his name by his manner of keeping one leg off the ground while walking, thus “calculating” how to walk on three legs.  He was not lame, although his act misled many into thinking so, gaining him sympathy and handouts of food.  Calculator was killed in 1923 and the post newspaper editor organized a fund drive to purchase a suitable memorial.  The memorial, after an unexplained delay, was built in 1930 and erected in the middle of the academic area, near the post flagpole, where Stilwell Field is today.  In 1935 it was moved to the newer area of prominence: behind the Infantry School building.  Around 1990 it moved without its base to the Infantry Museum.  Finally, in 2012 it was moved to Sacrifice Field, along with the other NIM monuments. 


Calculator Monument 1981 Calculator Monument- 1990s at NIM.jpg Calculator Monument- 2012-12-10, Sacrifice Field Calculator Monument- 2012-12-10, Sacrifice Field

Painting of Calculator, painted by a Soldier in 1968, hanging in the Commanding General's quarters, (Riverside)