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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 34. 24th Infantry Regiment Barracks
Buildings 75 and 76
Address: 6550 and 7510 McVeigh Drive (Corner of Anderson Ave. and Wold Ave.)
Built 1935

Bldg 76

Buildings 75 and 76 were built in 1935 and housed the 24th Infantry Regiment - an all-black unit.  These buildings were part of the massive “Cuartels” which extend eastward for three blocks.  Building 75 was the barracks and Building 76 was the Regimental HQ. 

Soldiers of the 24th Infantry Regt contributed much of the labor in the construction of these buildings, as they did with most buildings built in the 1920s and ‘30s on Main Post. 

Bldg 76 Aerial Bldg 76 restoration