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Fort Benning Historic Trail

Historical Site 36. Benjamin O. Davis JR. Suite
Bldg 365
301 McIver St., Suite A
Built 1923

2LT Benjamin O. Davis JR. Photo

2LT Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. and his wife lived in the right side apartment of this duplex house from September 1936 to June 1938. He was a black officer whose 38 year military career began at Fort Benning, with this as his first family quarters. He was one of the first black officers on Fort Benning, but was assigned to live in white officer family housing, because Fort Benning had no segregated officer housing. Bldg 365 was one of a group of 5 duplexes, originally built as Warrant Officer housing. They soon became housing for commissioned officers with families.

2LT Benjamin O. Davis JR.  Plaque Bldg 365