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Historical Site 39. 555th PIR Regt. Monument
Open field behind the Bradshaw / Indianhead Rd intersection

555th Parachute Monument

The “Rock Monument”, as it is called by the 555 Parachute Infantry Regiment, consists of a bronze plaque mounted on a natural granite bounder.  It was created in 1985 for placement at the National Infantry Museum (the old hospital site location) to honor the unit.  In 2012, with the repurposing of the former infantry museum building all monuments had to be moved.  The 555 Association, in association with the US Army Airborne School, moved it to its present location: the recently discovered WWII Parachute School graduation field at the intersection of Bradshaw Rd and Indianhead Rd.  It stands on the exact spot where the original 16 Triple Nickle members stood as they received their Parachutist Badge on February 18, 1944.  Fort Benning rededicated the monument in its new location on 12 Feb 2012.

Rock Monument on 20 Jan 2012- the day it was moved from the old National Infantry 555th Parachute Monument 2