Employment Opportunities

  Employment Opportunities  


  • Active Duty Operational Service (Admin – ADOS) tours are tours that support active duty mission at Fort Benning. Tours can be 365 or 760 days and are considered PCS moves.
  • ADOS opportunities also exist at the Warrior Training Center (Pre-Ranger, Air Assault, Pathfinder, Bradley Master Gunner), Liaison Support, and Development Training. Opportunities exist for professional development schools.  If you are interested in ADOS opportunities at the ARNG-WTC please contact the ARNG-WTC recruiting team at 706-544-6264.
  • To apply for ADOS employment at the ARNG-Warrior Training Center you must prepare and submit a complete application packet. Download the checklist of documents required for ADOS and the application for ADOS tour (DA Form 1058-R) . Fill-out the DA1058-R and have your Unit Commander sign his/her approval on the second sheet. Obtain all of the other required documents per the checklist and contact the POC below with questions and to submit your COMPLETE PACKET.
  • For a detailed list of current Army-wide opportunities:

Eligibility for ADOS Employment

  • All officers are eligible ADOS employment regardless of their branch. Enlisted Soldiers must match their MOS to the position they are applying for. Send your military resume to the email address listed below or call for specific instructions.
  • The Fort Benning POC for all National Guard and Reserve Soldiers seeking COADOS opportunities can be reached by contacting the SACG-ARNG’s Office at 706-545-6469 / DSN 835-6469


  Employment Opportunities  




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Maneuver Focus

Maneuver Focus is a quarterly newsletter published by the Special Assistant to the Commanding General (SACG) at Fort Benning, GA. The SACG Directorate is the proponent for all Army National Guard Infantry matters in training development for The Army.