Employment Opportunities

  Employment Opportunities  

Instructor, support, and staff employment opportunities are available for ARNG enlisted soldiers. Officers have opportunities in company and battalion staff positions.

Soldiers assigned to the ARNG WTC gain experience in a challenging environment that utilizes their special skills and develops leadership and organization skills working within the battalion and coordinating through active-duty and ARNG counterparts. Great opportunities for professional and self-development for those motivated to excel.

  1. Meet requirements for duty position and be selected by ARNG-WTC selection board.
  2. Soldiers must have permission from their chain of command and TAG release.
  3. Position announcements are posted on GKO and Tour of Duty (both can be accessed from GKO Home Page).
  4. Soldiers who are selected by the board will PCS to Fort Benning on ADOS-RC orders.

For more information, contact Eric Allen at (706) 544-6179.


  Employment Opportunities  




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Maneuver Focus

Maneuver Focus is a quarterly newsletter published by the Special Assistant to the Commanding General (SACG) at Fort Benning, GA. The SACG Directorate is the proponent for all Army National Guard Infantry matters in training development for The Army.