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ORSA Team members are
  • Effectiveness
  • Suitability
  • Supportability

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The Operations Research & Systems Analysis (ORSA) team provides senior level analytical support for the MBL’s live, virtual and constructive experimentation projects. ORSAs apply professional skills and knowledge to design experiments that assess technical and operational characteristics, performance, and safety as a part of system effectiveness, suitability and supportability. The ORSA is a key member of the experiment team and has a critical role in experiment planning, preparation, execution and reporting. The primary goal of the ORSA team is to transform data into manageable and meaningful results that provide leadership with the evidence required to make informed decisions and understand complex problems.

The Live Data Team members are
  • Validation
  • Technical
  • >Collection

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The Live Data Team performs a variety of technical and computer support functions in support of live and prototype experimentation events. This team supports the development, validation and oversight of all data collection instruments and is responsible for developing and maintaining the experimentation database. This group is also responsible for processing raw data, including data reduction, formatting, sorting, verifying and archiving information for future reference.

The Data Team members are
  • Analysis
  • Simulation
  • Constructive

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The Simulation Data Team configures, maintains, develops, and prepares data collection products in support of virtual and constructive simulation experiments. The team supports the verification and validation process for all models and simulations, and confirms output from data collection and analysis tools. Personnel also develop scripts to compile and produce standard and event-specific quantifiable data products, refine data into appropriate formats for analysis and archive data for follow-on analysis.