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Maneuver Battle Lab


Olive and Mabry Hall
Virtual & Constructive Simulations

EEB Mission & Capabilities

Experimentation Environments Branch conducts Live, Virtual, and Constructive experimentation that supports both the Soldier and the maneuver formations (IBCT, ABCT, SBCT, R&S BCT) in which he operates.

  • Provide modeling and simulation, instrumented range, and infrastructure support for live, virtual, and constructive explorations and experiments
  • Coordinate with authoritative organizations for operational environment, scenarios, performance, and behavioral data
  • Support live, virtual and constructive exploration and experimentation analysis

EEB Facilities

Olive Hall

  • 82,000 Square feet of power line conditioned, networked, and A/V-ready custom configurable virtual & constructive simulation lab capability
  • 5 Large Experimentation Bays (x4 partitions each)
  • 14 Small Experimentation Bays (x2 partitions each)
  • 1 Large Bay and 4 Small Bays dedicated for persistent operations
  • 200 person instrumented classroom for briefings and after action reviews (AARs)
  • Supply Room & Oversized Shipping & Receiving
  • Executive Conference Room
  • Open Floor Office
  • DREN Connection, Unclassified & Classified Server Rooms

Mabry Hall

  • 40,000 Square foot open bay with oversized door & overhead cable tracks
  • Secure motor pool storage
  • Unclassified & Classified Server Room
  • Networked Class Rooms (2x 30 person, 1x 20 person)
  • Supply Room & Receiving Dock
  • Conference Room