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Maneuver Battle Lab

Heade Sim Expermentation

Simulation Experimentation

Virtual Experimentation create
  • Immersive
  • Realistic
  • Large - scale


Virtual Experimentation & Gaming

EEB Conducts experimentation using simulations involving real people operating simulated systems. Virtual and Gaming simulations inject a Human-in-the-Loop into a central role by exercising motor control skills, decision making skills, or communication skills while directly interacting with the simulation. Virtual simulations create an immersive environment in which to test interactions of the Human-in-the-Loop with simulated situations, technology, and concepts. Virtual Tools used at EEB-

  • Advanced Concepts Research Tools (ACRT)
  • Virtual Battle Space 2 & 3

Constructive Experimentation utilizes
  • JBC-P
  • OneSAF
  • IWARs
  • CPoF
  • CPoF

Constructive Experimentation

Conduct experiments using simulations involving real people stimulating simulated people operating simulated systems. Human-in-the-Loop participants initiate or respond to simulated situations presented through real-world Mission Command Systems providing the orders and instructions directing simulated forces. The constructive simulation determines the environmental effects, speed of movement, entity interactions, effects of engagements, and assesses appropriate battle damage to determine outcomes.

Constructive & Mission Command Tools used at EEB-

  • One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF)
  • Infantry Warrior Simulations (IWARs)
  • Command Post of the Future (CPoF)
  • Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P)