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TRADOC Capability Manager Stryker Brigade Combat Team (TCM-SBCT) Site

TRADOC Capability Manager Stryker Brigade Combat Team

COL Carl L. Bergmann

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Sergeant Major
SGM Reginald Parham

SGM Haynes

Mr. Dominick L. Edwards

SGM Haynes


The TCM SBCT, reporting to the Commanding General of the MCoE, serves as the single point of contact for TRADOC activities that support Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT). TCM SBCT focuses on DOTMLPF integration that supports SBCT capabilities.

TCM SBCT assists with DOTMLPF integration into Stryker Brigades as they evolve through the Transformation/ARFORGEN cycle. TCM SBCT will coordinate with Stryker Brigades, the SBCT Warfighting Forum, various PMs, other TCMs within TRADOC and work through the Director of Capabilities Development and Integration, MCoE to facilitate these tasks.