Fort Benning

U.S. Army Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Doctrine & Collective Training Division Site

Doctrine & Collective Training Division


The Doctrine and Collective Training Division is responsible for providing the field relevant maneuver doctrine supported by modern collective training plans and products support.


The Doctrine and Collective Training Division consists of a division headquarters and seven branches; ABCT Branch, IBCT Branch, SBCT Branch, Cavalry Branch, Collective Training Branch, Weapons and Gunnery Training Branch, and Publications Support Branch.


Position Office Phone
Chief 706-545-4012
Deputy 706-545-7114
NCOIC 706-626-2326
Collective Training Branch 706-545-4363
Armored BCT Branch 706-626-2331
Infantry BCT Branch 706-545-4397
Cavalry Branch 706-626-2328
Stryker BCT Branch 706-626-2334
Weapons/Gunnery Branch 706-626-1828
Publications Support Branch 706-626-0719