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Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC)


The MCoE and service members across the force develop and maintain the cultural understanding, regional expertise, and language skills to enhance individual and unit capabilities leading to increased adaptability and mission success in current and future operations.

What is LREC?


The MCoE Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) program develops students, cadre, and leaders with the cross-cultural competencies to effectively conduct and lead Infantry, Armor, and Cavalry unit missions across the full range of military operations within a (JIM) environment.

Regional Security Discussion

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The LREC program features the Regional Security Discussion Series. Each discussion is focused on a particular region of the world. Topics apply current doctrine including, Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, Information, Physical Environment and Time (PMESII-PT), Area Structures, Capabilities Organizations People and Events (ASCOPE) and (JIM).

Culture Train-the-Trainer Course

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The Culture TTT Course is a 40 hour (1 week) training program designed to prepare the MCoE instructor to integrate culture into the instructional hour. The course is offered quarterly at Fort Benning and delivered by TRADOC Culture Center instructors from Fort Huachuca. Please contact the TRADOC Culture Center POC: Caesar R. Gonzales at 520-533-5774 to sign up for this course.

MCoE Language Tables

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The LREC program hosts monthly language tables. The purpose of a monthly language table is to assist Soldiers and civilians in maintaining second language proficiency. The LREC program currently sponsors 5 different language tables including Korean, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Maneuver Leader Challenge

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The Maneuver Leader Challenge (MLC) is an instructional tool featuring cadre from the MCoE. Soldiers tell personal anecdotes of a conflict he or she experienced while working with other cultures. The lessons learned can further develop Army soldiers as leaders. MLC II, III, and VI contain relevant cultural insight applicable to the operational environment. Go to Warrior University to download the videos:

Contact Us

Contact: Call 706-545-1100

Spanish Language Table

Spanish Language Table
Time and Location vary
Contact: Alison Smith @

French Language Table

French Language Table
Benning Club
2nd Thursday of the month, 1200-1300
Contact: Patrick Chauvey @

German Language Table

German Language Table
Panera Bread, 6301 Whitesville Rd. Columbus, GA Columbus, GA 31909
Every Thursday 1730-1830
Contact: Stephanie Murphy @

Korean Language Table

Korean Language Table
Food Court, McGinnis- Wickam Hall
1st Thursday of the month, 1200-1300
Contact: LTC Kim Kyungchyn @

Chinese Language Table

Mandarin Chinese Language Table
Faith Middle School, Classroom 70
1375 Ingersoll St., Fort Benning
4th Wednesday of the month, 1200-1300
Contact Kathy Henley @

Arabic Language Table

Arabic Language Table
Food Court, McGinnis-Wickam Hall
1st Wednesday of the month, 1200-1300
Contact: Youssef Hadiri @

Portuguese Language Table

Benning Club
2nd Wednesday of the month, 1200-1300