The agenda for the 2015 Maneuver Conference is currently being developed and is subject to change.


Monday, 14 September 2015
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Wednesday, 16 September 2015
Thursday, 17 September 2015


26 June 2014


SUBJECT: Maneuver War Fighter Conference Attendance Procedures

  1. Purpose. To outline to effective operation procedures for the 2015 Maneuver War Fighter Conference “virtual” attendees enabling maximum participation and user satisfaction using Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) , 15 – 17 September 2015 at the McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Fort Benning, Georgia.
  2. All seminar virtual attendees must adhere to the procedures outlined in this memorandum to facilitate the effective collaborative transfer of information presented in unclassified mediums for the duration of the Maneuver War Fighter Conference.
  3. Recommend ALL virtual attendees have an active account with Defense Collaboration Services in order to view seminar briefings in real-time.
  4. 4. Maneuver Conference DCS Operating Procedures:
    1. Users should logon with DCS account credentials or as a “Guest” (Please provide RANK and NAME) and users will be approved entrance into the room by an administrator
    2. Copy and Paste link in New Tab
    3. Press Blue Join button on the DSC My Home Page to join the web conference: Maneuver War Fighter Conference
    4. Press Allow green check button to bypass Adobe Flash Player Settings.
    5. Video and microphone function inside the DSC room will be disabled by the room administrator. All user interfaces will be limited to chat function. Chat comments MUST be limited to questions regarding seminar subject material or to report technical difficulty. The sheer number of virtual attendees will not allow for personal chat between users while monitoring the seminar presentations.
    6. f. Question are welcomed and encouraged during scheduled seminar topics of discussion. Queries through the chat function must include the user’s NAME, RANK, UNIT, LOCATION and email address to ensure effective answers and provide.
  5. DDCS Brief Schedule will be hosted from 0800 – 1630 (Eastern Standard Time)
  6. POCs for this memorandum are Ms. Rhonda G. Cole,, 706.580.2139 or Mr. Rich Ito,, 706.545.5936


9 SEP – The Basics

  • Inform the force about current state of the MCoE, Infantry School and Armor School and establish priorities for the future of the Maneuver force.
  • Inform the force about the Reserve Component and its integration into ongoing and future operations.
  • Review current work on fundamental aspects of Maneuver Force (standards/ shooting/ the Squad) and validate or adjust current priorities and initiatives.

10 SEP – Looking to the Future

  • Gather lessons learned from our Allies’ preparation for future war.
  • Consider implications of emerging and future threats that maneuver forces may face.
  • Consider implications of how maneuver forces may be employed to achieve national objectives in the future and how they might have to change to do complete those missions.
  • Develop recommendations about how the maneuver force might adapt to meet future challenges.

11 SEP – Checking our Azimuth

  • Review/ consider lessons learned from SOF /CF integration and initial experiences with RAF.
  • Develop recommendations for improving/ adapting ongoing initiatives to adapt the force for future challenges.
  • Review and validate or adjust current doctrine and training initiatives with the force.

Read Aheads

For information related to the Maneuver Warfighter Conference.
Hours of Operations M-F 0800-1700 EST

Directions from Atlanta

  • Take I-85 South from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Take I-185 South to Columbus
  • McGinnis-Wickam Hall and Marshall Auditorium.
  • Enter Fort Benning on I-185 south, and continue straight until it becomes Dixie Road on Main Post.
  • Turn right onto Edwards Street, then left on Eckel Avenue.
  • McGinnis-Wickam Hall will be on your right, with parking on the east and west.
  • Marshall Auditorium is on the first floor at the center of the building, just beyond the main entrance facing Eckel Avenue.

For information related to VIP lodging contact Crystal Hymes or Teresa Oliver.

  • 706-545-4025/4022 | DSN 835-4025/4022