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The Marine Corps Detachment on Ft. Benning is located at 6998 Old Cusseta Highway, Fort Benning GA 31905. All questions regarding the Basic Airborne Course should be directed to the Infantry Training Company Chief. Comm (706) 626-5028 DSN 620 or (706)626-5028. Fax 706-626-5013 &

All Marines and Sailors will report to the 1-507th HQ, Bldg 2747 located at 7481 Riordan Street on Fridays.

In addition, all Marines and Sailors will meet with the Marine Liaison Friday from 0800-1200 in the Airborne classroom (Bldg 2747)

All Marines and Sailors will report in the Woodland Marpat uniform and have a regulation haircut. IAW the BACSOP no facial hair of any kind is authorized while a student. Arrive with 5 copies of your orders (DD form 1610) and 1 copy of your physical (DD Form 2808).


Course Description


The Army Basic Airborne Course consists of three training phases culminating in five qualifying jumps from an aircraft in flight. The phases are as follows

Ground week - Don and adjust the main and reserve parachutes(T-11), identify components inside a C130/C17 aircraft and respond to actions inside the aircraft using the mock door, exit the 34-foot tower, execute parachute landing falls, execute parachute landing falls off the lateral drift apparatus, and perform methods of recovery.

Tower week - Respond to jump commands (C130/C17) and execute mass exits using the mock door, demonstrate proficiency in fixed-wing aircraft exits from the 34-foot tower wearing combat equipment, demonstrate techniques for deploying the reserve, control the risers from the suspended harness, execute parachute landing falls correctly from the swing landing trainer, and execute a drop from the 250-foot free tower.

Jump week - Correctly don and adjust the parachute, reserve, and combat equipment, respond to jump commands inside an aircraft, control body position after jumping from an aircraft until parachute opening shock, control the parachute during descent, execute a parachute landing fall, and control the parachute upon landing while making five qualifying parachute jumps from an aircraft in flight.




All students age 35 and over must arrive with an AGE WAIVER.

  • Marines Age Waivers will be submitted to POG-40 Parachute Advocate NLT 60 days prior to attending the course. Master Sergeant Latham, Plans, Policies, and Operations POG-40 Parachute Advocate. Waivers requested after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.
  • Navy Age Waivers will be submitted to Marine Detachment ITC Operations Chief NLT 30 days prior to attending the course. Master Sergeant Brukardt, Marine Detachment ITC Operations Chief

AGE WAIVER will include the following:
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  • DD FORM-2870
  • Airborne Physical documented on DD Form 2808 and 2807
  • EKG
  • Volunteer statement
  • Army PFT scores
  • Commander's Certification

-PUSH UPS (42) (2MIN)
-SIT UPS (53) (2MIN)
-RUN (15:54) (2MILE)

-PUSH UPS (19) (2MIN)
-SIT UPS (53) (2MIN)
-RUN (18:54) (2MILE)

Click for BIC Waiver
For all Marines attempting to gain a seat to the basic airborne and your unit and billet does NOT require jumpers, you must send a unit waiver request to HQMC Plans, Policies, and Operations MSgt Mikel R. Latham, Please submit all requests 60 days in advance.

Click for Commander’s Certification

Orders must be fully funded and endorsed in block 18 of DD form 1610.

Must have school reservation in MCTIMS/ATRRS (No exceptions).

Medical and Dental records ARE NOT needed. Only 1 copy of DD Form 2808.


Do not get a tattoo 30 days prior to training or while in training – you will be dropped.

Do not report without a signed Commander’s Certification Letter. MUST BE A 0-5 OR ABOVE.


Gear List

  • 2 sets of appropriate MCCUUs (minimum)
  • Marine Corps running suit OR green sweat top and bottom
  • Marines / Sailors with follow-on orders for Ranger or RSLC must ALSO bring woodland MCCUU regardless of season
  • 2 pair Marine Corps issued boots (unit-issue boots are not authorized)
  • 6 green T-shirts (no unit logo - under armor shirts are not authorized)
  • 6 pair boot socks
  • 6 pair white socks (covering the ankle bone) (no logos, brands, stripes etc.)
  • 2 MCMAP belts (web belt may be worn)
  • 2 covers
  • 2 heavy-duty combination padlocks
  • 1 serviceable military ID card
  • 1 pair ID tags with chain - no silencers or 550 chord
  • 1 pair running shoes (no 5 toed shoes)
  • 2 pair issue eyeglasses (if required) with retainer band
  • 2 pair green PT shorts (NO UNIT OR OTHER COLOR SHORTS)

Cold weather uniform items-Oct through Mar


  • CIF issued watch cap and gloves
  • Woodland MCCUU Gortex Jacket
  • USMC issued poly-pro top or warming layer (such as green USMC sweat top)


  • Blue Sweats
  • Black watch cap
  • Black gloves with green liners
  • Field Jacket

US Navy personnel specific gear

  • 2 sets of PT Gear - gold T-shirts and blue shorts only
  • Navy personnel serving in FMF may wear Marine Corps woodland/desert MCCUU and tan boots (Use proper Navy PT gear or Marine green on green for PT gear)



E-6 and below are billeted in the Airborne barracks WITHOUT EXCEPTION! E-7 and above are billeted in Abrams Hall (BOQ/BEQ). Cost is $36-75 a day. Messing is provided for all ranks at no cost. Orders must state “Government messing is provided” and “Attendance at Basic Airborne School” in block 16.

Reservations for Officers and E-7 and above can be made at Abram Hall by calling 706-689-0067 ext. 2800 or online at If unavailable, the BOQ will issue you a statement of non-availability and we will annotate that in your detaching endorsement as well. If you are an E-7 and above a rental car is highly encouraged due to the distance between BOQ/off post lodging and the school, but must be paid for by the unit.




All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MarDet immediately after graduation/dismissal to recieve a "From TAD Orders endorsement". This paperwork is a requirement upon return to your unit for settlement of travel claims.


External Resources


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