Permanent Personnel



MOS Phone
1812 706-626-7156
2146 706-626-7768
03XX 706-626-5015
Admin Office 706-626-5030
FRO 706-626-5004
Information & Security Management Office 706-626-5000
Career Planning & Substance Abuse Control Office 706-626-5017
Voting Officer 828-962-0057



All Marines and Sailors will report in to S-1, at 6998 Old Cusseta Hwy Fort Benning, Ga 31905 building 4200. All Marines will report in the service Alpha uniform and have a regulation haircut. All travel claims and entitlements will be settled between 0800-1100 on Thursdays.

Marines will be required to fill out a Biography (Download Sample Bio) ) to have ready to turn into the Marine leadership. Please take the time to complete this biography before checking into the Marine Detachment. If using Microsoft word 2013 please ensure you view the document in Print Layout.

Family Readiness Welcome Aboard Package


Required Documents for In-Processing:


Upon check in you will need to provide a copy of their Permanent Change of Station orders, Web orders, receipts pertaining to lodging, travel receipts (if multiple modes of transportation were utilized).




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