2012 International Sniper Competition

Top shooters from across the globe travel each year to Fort Benning to compete in the annual International Sniper Competition. The two-man teams will compete in 14 events including a sniper stalk, urban shooting and orienteering exercises, firing under stressful conditions and other tests of marksmanship and sniper skills. The 72-hour event runs virtually non-stop, with only two four-hour rest breaks in the three days of competition.

The competition is hosted by the U.S. Army Sniper School, whose mission is to hone warrior skills, exhibit the Warrior Ethos, determine the world's best snipers, and further the warrior mindset across the Army. The Sniper School develops Warriors who are part of the Strategic Squad and are able to dominate while conducting wide area security and combined arms maneuver.

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The 2012 Sniper Summit will serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas across the Sniper Community, to include the US Army Sniper School, operational units represented by competing teams and the Soldier Requirements Division (SRD). The winner of the Sniper Competition, and the winners of each individual event will provide an AAR of the training that allowed them to win. Each team will then give a short presentation on their unit, missions, training and task organization. Representatives from the Army's Situational Awareness course will give a presentation covering the observation of human behavior. The US Army Sniper Project Officer from the Soldier Requirements Division will give a presentation on the future of Sniper weapons and equipment. The US Army Sniper School will give a presentation on the newly approved 7 week Sniper School program of instruction. Following the Sniper Summit, competitors and cadre will have a chance to meet with representatives from across industry, to include a night shoot on Burroughs Range.

Sniper Summit Agenda
2 Sniper Rifle at Start Sign

Welcome to the United States Army Sniper School

When you volunteer to undergo Sniper training, you accept one of the most demanding challenges the Army has to offer. Snipers have a proud heritage, which can be traced back to the Revolutionary War. Upon completion of your training, you will be a member of that heritage. It takes a special type of Soldier to meet the challenge and continue this proud tradition. The highest standard has already been set; it is now up to you to meet the challenge. The Purpose of Sniper Training is to train individuals to perform Sniper missions in a combat environment to include: precision fires on enemy personnel and equipment, intelligence gathering, counter-sniper operations, infiltration and overwatch of NAIs, occupation of and operations in support by fire positions, ballistic interdiction of IEDs, and disruption of enemy operations.





Course Scope

The Basic Sniper Course trains selected individuals assigned to sniper positions in the skills necessary to deliver long range precision fire and the collection of battlefield information. Soldiers will receive training in fieldcraft skills; advanced camouflage techniques, concealed movement, target detection, range estimation, and terrain utilization (Macro and Micro), intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), relevant reporting procedures, sniper tactics, advanced marksmanship; known and unknown distance firing, at stationary and moving targets during daylight and limited visibility in varying weather conditions, and staff subjects (intelligence, mission, training, combat orders, command and control, and training management) to ensure mission accomplishment without compromise in accordance with the supported unit Commanders intent in all operational venues.

Sniper School Sniper Contact:

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