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Organize, train, and deploy tailored forces to provide health service support to joint and/or coalition forces engaged in decisive action and contingency operations. Be prepared to assume Medical Task Force mission command and conduct split based operations as required.

Command Corner


The 14th Combat Support Hospital was originally constituted on 23 June 1942 in the United States Army as the 14th Field Hospital. It was activated 25 July 1942 at Camp Bowie, Texas and inactivated 25 March 1946 in Germany. It was again activated 13 November 1950 in Korea and was allocated to the Army 31 October 1951. It inactivated 01 February 1954 in Korea and was activated in December that year in Germany. It inactivated in Germany on 15 April 1968 and was not activated again until 06 October 1996 at Fort Benning, Georgia. On 21 June 2004 the 14th Field Hospital was re designated as the 14th Combat Support Hospital in Fort Benning, Georgia.

The 14th Combat Support Hospital has participated in WWII in the Aleutian Islands, Rhineland, and Central Europe. The 14th also served with pride in the Korean War. Unit decorations include; four Meritorious Unit Commendations(Embroidered) and two Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation ( Embroidered). In September 2005, the 14th Combat Support Hospital deployed to New Orleans, Louisiana in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. In January 2006, the 14th Combat Support Hospital deployed to Afghanistan in support of Combined Joint Task Force 134 performing the Detainee Healthcare Mission. The 14th Combat Support Hospital was realigned from 44th Medical Brigade to the 1st Medical Brigade on 27 January 2011 and then realigned back to 44th Medical Brigade on 16 May 2012. The 14th CSH then deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom(OEF), where they served a 9-month tour in Afghanistan redeploying in September of 2013.

In June of 2014 the 14th CSH assumed the Severe Weather Response Force(SWRF) mission. The unit continues the Army Medical Department’s proud heritage of long and dedicated service to its nation anywhere, at any time. A progressive organization, the 14th Combat Support Hospital constantly evolves to keep pace with the changing missions and technoligical advances.



Organize, train, and deploy tailored forces to provide health service support to joint and/or coalition forces engaged in decisive action and contingency operations. Be prepared to assume Medical Task Force mission command and conduct split based operations as required.

HHD Company

Command Group
DA Photo
DA Photo

CPT Matthew H. Woods

SFC Antonio B. Brown


Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 14th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) provides Command and Control, personnel, administrative, logistical and maintenance support to CSH units and direct reporting units (DRUs). On order provides command and control, and administrative support to the 14th CSH and DRUs deployed ISO worldwide contingency and full spectrum operations

Ariel Photo
A Co

(84 Beds / 2 Operating Room (OR) Tables)


A Company

Command Group

MAJ Stefania V. Wilcox

1SG Micheal J. Ceballos


14th Combat Support Hospital deploys to a joint/combined operational area and provides flexible, responsive, and effective Level III Health Service Support and Force Health Protection to supported forces conducting full spectrum operations and/or contingency operations. On order, redeploys.

Ariel Photo
A Co

(164 Beds / 4 Operating Room (OR) Tables)

B Company

Command Group

CPT Brittany K. Catalanotti

1SG Michael J. Ceballos


Bravo Company, 14th CSH, will deploy and provide a highly mobile 44 bed Early Entry Hospitalization Element (EEHE), responsible for resuscitation, initial wound surgery, and post operative treatment for Soldiers in a Combat Zone (CZ) who fall within the Corps evacuation policy and stabilize patients by providing outpatient care in preparation for evacuation.

Ariel Photo
B Co

Hospitalization Element (EEHE), 40 Bed Hospital Augmentation Element, 84 Bed Hospital

19th Optometry

Command Group
DA Photo DA Photo

CPT Cesar A. Costales

SFC Randy L. Mulcahy


On order deploys and provides comprehensive optometry care and optical fabrication support to joint and/or coalition forces engaged in decisive and contingency operations. Be prepared to conduct split-based operations IOT provide optometry capabilities on an area support basis.


19th Optomety Photo

690th Ground Ambulance

Command Group

CPT Voris D. Crooms

1SG John C. Young


On order, deploys and provides ground medical evacuation capabilities ISO joint and/or coalition forces engaged in decisive action and global contingency operations. Be prepared to make ground medical evacuation capabilities available for operations in direct support of defense support to civil authorities (DSCA).

690 Photo

926th Preventive Medicine

Command Group

MAJ Christopher M. Hinnerichs

SSG Kemoy N. Simpson


Provide complete theater of operations preventive medicine support to minimize the medical and environmental threats to supported forces and civilians in evolving operations ranging from major regional conflicts to humanitarian and disaster relief.

Provide preventive medicine and technical consultation in Unified Land Operations addressing:

  • Clean Water;
  • Safe Food Service;
  • Control of Disease Vectors;
  • Industrial Hygiene Exposure Analyses;
  • Effective waste management; and
  • Training & Oversight Field Sanitation Teams.
926 Photo
legs photo
map photo

463rd Veterinary Services

Command Group

LTC Alisa R Wilma

SFC Francesca J. Ross


Provides veterinary services and medical support in the areas of approving commercial food sources, food safety/security/sanitation, government owned animal health care, preventive medicine directed towards endemic Zoonotic diseases, food service sanitation, and foreign animal disease surveillance/mitigation, and humanitarian civic action programs in support of all branches of the services throughout the area of operations.

463 Photo


New Comers

Welcome Letter

Newly arriving Soldiers will report to the Welcome Center, located at Soldier’s Plaza, Building 2622. Hours of operations are Monday through Friday from 0800 -1700hrs. Soldiers arriving after duty hours will report to the Replacement Detachment located on Kelly Hill, Building 9174A. The contact number is (706) 544-1641 You will need the following documents:

  1. Orders and Amendments.
  2. DA FORM 31 (Leave Form).
  3. 201 File ( MPRJ) w/2-1 and 2A, officers ORB, Security clearance, SGLV/ DD 93.
  4. All Finance Records.
  5. Medical and Dental Records.
Fort Benning Map

Signing into the 14th CSH

Once you have completed installation in-processing and have orders to your unit, report to Building 2885, S1 section. The S1 will contact your unit and have your sponsor meet you.

You will need the following documents:

  1. Orders and Amendments
  2. Copy of Leave Form
  3. Copy of Last Evaluation
  4. Copy of Security Clearance


A Family Readiness Group (FRG) is an organization of family members, volunteers, and soldiers belonging to a unit, that together provide information and assistance to others in the group. They provide a network of communication between the family members, the chain of command, community resources, and create an atmosphere of mutual support within the group.

Please check out our site frequently as we continue to update it with information. Newletters will be posted monthly. Newletters will be posted monthly on the 14th CSH AKO Community Homepage.

Ever wonder why the yellow ribbon has become a symbol of welcoming home American troops? Click here to read the story, and remember, please support your loved ones by tying a yellow ribbon in front of your home and/or business.

Unit Address:

14th Combat Support Hospital
Bldg 2885
6686 Welsh Avenue, Fort Benning, GA 31905-5000



  • Fort Benning Post Information, (706) 545-2011
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Professional Filler System (PROFIS)

Welcome to the 14th Combat Support Hospital. I hope this website will assist you in preparing for the upcoming Certification Training Exercise (CTE) and future events. There will be a lot of information added to this link to keep you informed of the planning stages for the CTE. Please visit this link periodically for updates.

To access the 14th CSH AKO webpage, which contains specific information, go to https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/607740. After entering your AKO password, you will need to register for the 14th CSH Community Page by clicking on "click here" under the Registration option.

You are responsible for your transportation to the 14th CSH Headquarters (see the Strip Map to 14th CSH link below). Inprocessing will begin at 1300 hrs on 13 April 2009. The uniform for inprocessing is ACUs.

CTE will begin on 15 April 2009 and end 22 April 2009. Schedule departures for no earlier than 1400 hrs. on 22 April 2009.

Once you receive notification that you are PROFIS, please fill out the data sheet below and return it as soon as possible to S-1 OIC, (706) 545-9411.


Once we receive notification of a deployment or a training exercise, we will add a link to this Website with additional information.

Are You a PROFIS Replacement?

The 14th CSH needs some information from you. Click here for our Soldier Data Sheet. Please fill it out and send it S-1 prior to your departure to the 14th CSH.

706-545-4250 (FAX)